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PSA & Surgery

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My husband had his prostate removed in early December 2013 by the DaVinci robotic method.  Final pathology report stated that there was one positive margin, 24 out of 24 lymph nodes were clear but his Gleason score was 9 (4+5).  First PSA reading 6 weeks after surgery was 0.46.  What significance does this have on the situation?

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I am sorry to tell you that the PSA at 0.46 is considered high 6 weeks after prostatectomy. Successful cases reach lower levels below the 0.06 ng/ml mark. In any case your husband should wait for more results before drawing a conclusion. Negative lymph nodes is a very good prognostic in a Gs9 case. The positive margin could be related to future metastases. Hopefully his PSA clears up and gives you peace of mind.

Best wishes for full recovery from the therapy.

Welcome to the board.


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As I agree with Vasco that 0.46 is high, In removal of your prostate there is some prostate cell still there. They the cell in my body as my doctor said could be residual cell and the count could go away. With a gleason score of 9, I don't think so! MY gleason was 9 also and clear lymph nodes. A year later ct scan showed up in lymph nodes. Was the the blood vessel's and nevre's point's clear??? Ask the Question, because my doctor did not tell until months later that it escape into the blood/nevre ending.

If it gets to the lymph nodes its in all lymph nodes. If they say your husband should have RT, becareful because it can cause bad effect.

The best hope for you and husband!!


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