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Halfway through chemo

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Hi, everyone, I just joined the forum. I was DX on Aug 1 with Stage IIa, 3.2 cm IDC, underwent a bilateral mastectomy, no nodes involved, clear margins. Currently undergoing the AC-->T chemo regimen. I tolerated the AC (4 doses at three week intervals) with the help of Emend. Started Paclitaxel on Monday and boy do my hips hurt! I have heard that Glutamine helps, that Claritin helps, but my dr told me Tylenol, no mention of the others. Has anyone's dr prescribed the glutamine or Claritin?

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It is so important to remain and continue hydration, water - water, and more
water.  Splash in a little lemonade, cranberry juice -- or prepackaged crystal
light, or Lipton Tea.  Herbal Tea's also work for a change of pace.

If you are getting the neulasta shot -- Please ask your Oncologist about taking
a benadryl -- or claritin -- which many of us === swear by -- as they help alleviate that
'just run over by a truck' aches and pains - some of us experience from the
neulasta shot.

Ask for prescriptions for nausea and vomiting -- as well as diarrhea.

Plastic silverware is a must ---
biotin toothpaste and mouthwash is a daily essential
(available at most Target's or Wall-Mart's)

Food is subjective -- depending on your personal needs and taste buds .. What
taste good or was tolerable 1 week -- changed for me, the very next. I could not
tolerate any foods with sugar, i.e. ketchup, or cola's.

To help prevent mouth sores -- suck on ice chips during all chemo treatments.

Rest when you can, as some chemo queens have bouts of insomnia ---

Take goodies to entertain yourself during your infusions -- games, books,
friend, a snack, IPOD, laptop ...

Strength, Courage and Hope.

Vicki Sam 

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I did Adriamycin/Cytoxin four times, every other week.  Then I did Taxol four times, every other week.  That was April-July 2012.

I found that when I was on Taxol, I no longer needed my anti-puke pills; but my appetite wasn't great, but I would play mind games with myself and do all right.  I found that I had that achiness towards the end of the week thatI seemed to ache more when I was on Taxol than on the other two.  I was not sure if it was an accumulation of the chemo or what. 

I had my infusion.  I had the neulasta shots throughout the process, except after the final infusion (because I had fared very well).   I basically stayed put and took ibuprofen.  (I have prescription-strength 800s.)  I was thankful that the discomfort did not last for more than a few days each time.




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Halfway...Exciting at the top of the hill to the end...


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