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I'm 'normal' and 'routine' again!

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I went for my yearly diagnostic mammogram on Monday, and was told I was no longer 'eligible' for it....that I am having no problems, and that I need to be on 'screening' mammograms from now on. 

The gal at the radiology place was VERY quick to say we needed to reschedule, but you know me...I had to call the back office of my oncologist, and get it straightened out.....*smile*....the gal wasn't too pleased that I insisted that I HAD been there ON TIME, and it was NOT my fault that HER office had not checked before hand with my doctor, if there was an issue...

Needless to say, I got my mammo...and all is well, on initial view from the tech...

Hugs, Kathi

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While those words "normal" and "routine" are definitely music to our ears, I have to say -- when it comes to mammograms, I never want to be "normal"!

At my mammography center, my doctor is the one who orders it as "screening" or "diagnostic."  If the doctor orders a "screening" mammogram, then you have to go home and wait days for a phone call or a week for a letter telling you everything is fine.  If it's ordered as a "diagnostic" mammogram, then you're scheduled only when the radiologist is there, and you wait just a few minutes while he reads it and comes out and tells you in person that everything is fine.

(At which point, I always burst into tears, and hug everyone in the mammography center -- I think that part's optional, though. Smile)

I was diagnosed from my very first mammogram at the age of 40, and still have SO much anxiety around my annual mammogram -- I seriously don't think I'd be able to function if I had to go home and wait.  My doctors have said that, given my history of breast cancer, they'll feel comfortable always ordering the mammogram as "diagnostic."  I hope that never changes!


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Then for peace of mind, Traci, ask your oncologist to schedule one that is diagnostic.  You earned the right for that one.

What saved me those early years, is that I insisted to see last year's view with the one just done.

I could usually tell that I had nothing to be concerned about.  One year I noticed more calcification in the same area that had it the year before.  I knew I was going to be called back and I was.  However, it turned out ok.

Try to remember though there are many women who have a new cancer in the other breast, the number of them isn't great.  We have Renee here on this board.  In all the years I have been reading and participating in breast cancer forum, (since 1997) I doubt they number 10.

Wishing you a healthy new year.


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I am glad you spoke up.  Why should your time be wasted because someone forgot to check where you are now.  Good for you!   May you always remain "normal".



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Good for you, Kathi. So glad you stuck to your guns and got what you needed.

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