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Hey PhillieG ... I saw you sneaking back on here ... :)

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Welcome back.  Hope you have time to post more. I have missed your voice here.Smile

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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It was my "Nice Twin"

I saw the pulmonary specialist today. My left lung where they did the RFA on Dec 3rd is still improving. My right lung where I had the radiation back in April isn't doing that great. There may be an infection in the upper portion of it.

What we're going to do is to up the dosage of my Advair inhaler, I also have a rescue inhaler to use as needed, I'm going on a mild antibiotic, and I'm also going to start going to a pulmonary rehab place (to be determined) a few days a week, possibly for 6 weeks or as long as they pay for it.

I see the pulmonary doctor on Feb 7th and Onc near the end of January. Aside from the shortness of breath I feel good. It's been nice to be off chemo since April of 2013. Next month is my 10 yeare dx anniversary.


That's it...

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You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your lungs improve. 10 years what an inspiration and great story for ALL cancer survivors to appreciate.

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That will always be ok with me:)

'Cause you know what that represents...(both still breathing)...:)

10-year active fighting is no easy accomplishment by any means....I'm feeling it alot this time round.

Proud of you man!


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I'm sorry you're facing more crap with the lungs.  I hope the solutions they've proposed will do the trick for you!  And 10 years...that's absolutely amazing.  I realize that you and Craig would much rather be famous for something else, but you have an awful lot of folks who admire you.

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Glad to see you are back.  Bummer to hear of your troubles again.  Hopefully they can get it under control.  You've been around for 10 years and just knowing that your team of doctors will have you back here another 10.  Congratulations on your success and determination.

Keep fighting this battle.  Get on your kayak and take pictures to share with us and play your guitar and make magical music like you do Laughing


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