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Adxs11-001 clinical trial. Anyone done this?

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Hi all,

I am from the gyn boards.  I have cervical cancer.  I was wondering if anyone on the head and neck boards have taken part in the clinical trial using adxs11-001.  It is a theraputic HPV vaccine and since cervical cancer and some head and neck cancers are a result of this virus, I thought maybe someone here has taken part in this trial.  If so, I was wondering if you could share your experience with me on side effects, effectiveness, ect.  According to their website, this vaccine has been granted orphan drug status for head and neck cancers.  It has completed a phase 2 trial in India on women with late stage cervical cancER and has shown some promising results.  The GOG is doing a study for recurrent and metastatic cervical cancer in the US now, a study for anal cancer and a study for head and neck cancer.  I can't seem to find anyone who has taken part in this trial as i am very interested in their experiences.  I am currently NED so don't qualify for the trial.  I am also hoping that this would be a treatment option at some point for those who have been fully debunked of their tumors and can get the vaccine to prevent recurrence.  Just thought I'd ask here.  I hope you all are well. Stay strong.

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You caught me completely unaware, lol.  I'm  here quite a bit, and there has been no one who has posted anything on the head and neck board about this.  Just did some reading myself.  Pretty interesting stuff.  It would take a little research to find out exactly what the US status is at the moment, but it  certainly could be done.  But you are talking about preventive therapies post treatment?  I saw response rates in clinical trial patients, but it appears that everyone enrolled inthe phase II studies had recurrent disease.  For others interested in an introduction to this, here is a primer:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3307007/

Thanks for posting here.  I know you are on the gyn boards from time to time.  Please post here too if you learn anything more.  Thanks.




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Www.advaxis.com for more info.  


It it is only available for recurrent disease.  My hope is that they will quickly go through these trial processes and make it availenable for others with HPV associated disease that are in remission.  

Hugs to all.

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