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One Year Anniversary

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Joined: Apr 2013

Happy New Year all. Whilst heading to work today I realised it is exactly one year today that I was diagnosed with cancer. Time sure does fly however I would argue it is hardly fun. However I am now 8 months post treatment and most things are coming back online albeit slowly. As so often stressed on this board, recovery is measured in tiny steps.

This journey has certainly taught me patience which was not one of my stronger qualities. It has also opened my mind to trying new things which in my previous life I would have dismissed.

Anyway for those about to or undergoing treatment you can do this. For those who have completed treatment and are in remission, keep going! I read this board everyday and feel all of us here are a pretty special group of people.

Happy Thursday.

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Happy all week to you.  I am glad you are slowly coming around to your “new normal”. 


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So happy to hear that you have reached this milestone!!! Here's to continued HEALTH In 2014 Cool


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Congrad's to you Dunedin. I remember when you first posted. One foot in front of the other each day.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Dunedintech, congratulations on your recovery and the one year anniversary!  it's great that most things are coming back slowly but surely.  My one year anniversary on getting really sick one night on a business trip to Europe, that ultimately made the doctors start looking for something deeper, is coming up Feb 9th.   I wasn't " officially" diagnosed until April 1st, which was NOT a funny April fools joke!


So great to read positive stories!  Keep healing!


All the best, 


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As you are well aware by now... You will get there, just a different road, and at a different pace...

Sometimes that curve in the road turns out to bring adventures you would have never known otherwise...


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dune, times does seem to fly once tx starts.  b4 u know it, its been a year....lol.  glad you have come so far and still continue to get better.  thanks for letting the newbies know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

God bless you,


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Boy that is a true statement especially last year, it seems like the year went by in only a few months. Glad to hear you are doing well and back at work, it helps you to keep focus and your mind active. Just remember things might not be as they once were, so you will need to get use to your new normal.


God Bless


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