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Yesterday, I had my 2 year exam and scope..very happy to report that my Dr said, I have healed perfectly and no sign of tumors. He said with my type cancer, epiglottis, usually if a reoccurance is going to happen, it happens in the first 2 years. I am 2 years, 2 months out. I will continue to exercise my neck and voice and not get too confident. He said at 5 years, I will be considered cured.

I don't post much anymore, but, read almost everyday..I pray for you all, this is the best possible site you can be on, for kindness, help and knowledge.

Bless all of you

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I am so happy to hear this, I know you must be thrilled!


God bless,



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You know how we love the sound of those words.....NED for Grandma!!  You put a smile on my face today.


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Congrats! What great news, I hope you have found something fun to do to celebrate. 

And what a great photo!



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AWESOME!!!  i'm do'n a dance around the kitchen to celebrate with you, i hope you did the happy dance to  :0)

God bless you,


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Happy for you! I think you are right on timing. When I had my recurrance at 15 months, the doctor said "the timing is about right". I think you just passed a huge hurdle. 

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You must have been telecommunicating within the H&N wave length as I was thinking of you last night (did not know why. I guess I just missed you).

Congratulations on the great exam, good news is great to hear.


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 I am so happy for you! It is always nice to hear the great news Cool


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Wonderful news Gx4

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Congrats you.....

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Wow that is really good news for the New Year, congratulations keep positive and doing well.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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