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Polyp on my 16 year olds gall bladder, need advice

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Hi, I'm popping over from the colon page where I spend most of my time since I just got treated for colon cancer.  After my cancer, my father's family shared a secret, cancer runs rampant on my father's side of the family.  Why it was a secret, I'll never know.  One ostomy and several treatments later I'm now faced with a polyp on my son's gallbladder.  A polyp is what started my cancer.  According to the urologist, I have nothing to worry about, after all my son is 16.  A polyp doesn't mean much with the gall bladder.  Well my polyp was found at 28 and my cancer at 41 and it came back at 42 with a vengeance.  It turns out my father's uncle died from gall bladder cancer.  My question, what do I do about this?  The doctors are taking this a lot more lightly than I am.  I thought about bringing my son into Sloan?  My instincts tell me to take his gall bladder out.  The poor kid just had kidney surgery and now this.  I know they say this is not hereditary but somehow I just think the doctor's haven't found the gene yet and it actually is.  Please share your opinion, thanks.

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I'm kind of new here and nobody seems to post much here on the bladder page. I'm from the Kidney page. Anyway, cancer runs in my father's family as well.  My father who is 70 was treated for a rare Kidney cancer which actually is part of the ureter and bladder last year.  I'm 48 and a 3 cm complex cyst/tumor was just discovered on my Kidney. Do not listen to your doctors. Get a second opinon and check it out. I would take out the gallbladder.  He doesn't need it.  They can do it laproscopcally.  My son is only 9 and I want to screen his kidney's now. I have an appointment at Sloan next week. Trust your instincts.  3 doctors told me the cyst on my kidney was probably nothing given my age, and sex. It usually affects old men. 

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