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Gallbladder Cancer - 2014 (Any Stage)

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Here is a new forum topic for all stages of gallbladder cancer for 2014. Lily50’s great idea to consolidate GBC discussions should continue. GBC is, sadly, just one of countless “Rare and Other Cancers” on this discussion board. It is tough to keep up with the posts when there are different threads going on.

By way of introduction, I’m curriewalla. A relative was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.  He had surgery and adjunctive chemotherapy in the form of cisplatin and gemcitabine.  Now 3+ years later, CT scans and tumor marker tests have not detected a recurrence of cancer. 

He had an ultrasound that showed a large gallbladder mass that was worrisome for cancer.  There was no biopsy (the cancer seeds easily). His abdomen/chest area was opened with a long vertical incision.  The abdominal cavity was inspected to see if the cancer had spread beyond the liver and gallbladder area. The cancer had not spread, so the surgery went ahead. The surgeon removed: the gallbladder; the parts of the liver into which the cancer had spread directly from the gallbladder; and numerous lymph nodes into which the cancer had spread from the gallbladder through the lymph system. The surgery resulted in tumor free margins. Intraoperative ultrasound was used to determine whether there was more than one tumor (no), the extent of the tumor and the method by which it had spread. Not much of the gallbladder was left; it was mostly overtaken by the tumor. 

Throughout my relative has been proactive.  He stays informed, keeps notes of doctor's appointments and gets copies of blood test results (e.g. liver panel, tumor markers) and CT scans.

I see that the Gallbladder Cancer - 2013 (Any Stage) topic received a couple of posts before I started this new thread: rvhere posted on 3 January 2014 and mrs_stark2u posted on 6 January 2014.  Take a moment to have a look at their posts.

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I have been watching this post for awhile now looking for response. My husband has been diagnosed with gall bladdercancer with met all over his liver in November 2013. He has gone through several rounds of chemo and nothing has worked, the tumors kept on growing. The doctors give him a year to live at that beginnen, he was doing fine up until 2 months ago, he has gone downhill considerably. He has has lost so much weight, hardly eats and drinks. His gall bladder was full with gall and needed a drain, then that got clogged up and now the gall is literally leaking out of his body through the external drain, he has so much pain.  I am so afraid that we will loose him soon, he have two kids 4 and 9, I really don't know what to do, I have read so many success stories here and had hope for the same for my husband. 


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Hi There, so sorry to hear of the pain you and your husband are going through. The 2013 thread actually has some recent updates that you may take comfort from. My mum was diagnosed with GB cancer with possible mets to the peritoneum. She had the GB removed and underwent chemo to try and suppress the other suspected tumours. 4 months on and she has completed her chemo and latest scan looked like everything was under control. This was a regimen of cisplatin and gemcitibine which is seen as the gold standard.

It might be worth speaking to another oncologist or surgeon just to get a second opinion on your husband's best treatment options? Did you know what chemo drugs they had tried? There are 2nd line options so that may be an avenue if your husband's condition with regard to the bile is able to be stabilised.

Also do you have any support charities nearby (not sure what country you are in)? You may want to talk through your concerns with a profressional nurse/counsellor? This illness is as hard on the family as it is on the patient and you will need to try and be there for your children and your hubby so it's important that you keep yourself as mentally healthy as possible.

All the very best, please feel free to post on here and ask any questions your have.




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Hello Rich,

Thanks for your response,  Sorry to hear about your mom, also happy to hear she is doing well. My husband had the same chemo treatment as your mom, but the tumors only kept growing. I am in Holland, he  already had  a second opinion and underwent treatment at the main cancer institute here in Holland, but just like before the tumors only kept getting bigger. it is very difficult I am not originally from Holland and no other family members here, I do talk to our family doctor every two weeks about the situation, he offers adviced and a listening ear, but for the rest I have to do it alone. Last week he got the drain fixed so we will see how that goes. He hardly eats and don't urinate, so they are giving extra fluid via an infuse to stimulate that, his feet are hugely swollen and spend most of his time sleeping. To be honest at this point, I am thinking that only a miracle can save him and it hurts beyond words, I would give anything to have him healthy and happy back. 

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A very close relative has been diagnosed with GB cancer stage 4 in june2014. the cancer has spread to both the lobes of liver and surgery is not possible. he has been prescribed 6cycles of chemo -cisplatin & gemcitabine. he has already undergone 1 cycle and is about to start the next cycle. bt his blood reports are not permitting it..his liver function test is going worse day by day which if does not better, he wont be able to take chemo..doc says that cisplatin is becoming too much on him.perhaps have to change it.. he doesnt have a good apetite and is mentally very very low..he is getting really weak. really tough seeing him like this.

Recently I have learned about psorinum therapy. but not sure if it can help.

any help any information from anyone is welcome..it would really help. 


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Hello Everyone!

my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 GBC about a month ago.  The disease has metastasized to her neck area and she has a lump on her neck, which is what sent her  to the doctor to begin with.  although it has gotten into the lymph nodes it hasn't affected her liver, stomach or other organs in the vicinity of the gall bladder.  She just started her first round of chemo but the doctors are saying there is no cure and it is inoperable. Any advice because I'm seeing a lot of success stories on here but I just feel that the doctors are not very experienced with this disease.  I'm in CA. Thanks!

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