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PEG tube out today

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Finally I got my G tube taken out today.  They deflated the balloon and simply pulled the tube out.  Just a little discomfort at the end when the deflated balloon exited the stoma.  I am very happy.  Now I can go about eating food with more room in the stomach and exercise with no hindrance.  The nurse said it should heal up right away and I can drink and eat anything without worrying that it will leak.  Cautioned to just watch out for infection signs such as redness around the sealed hole, bleeding, or pain.

I brought the tube home as a souvenir.  It was long and deeply lodged inside my stomach.  No wonder my stomach didn't like it...feel like a blender in there.

I noticed that the granulation around the tube quickly collapsed and sealed up the hole.  Maybe that was the purpose of the granulatioin to be there in the first place.

No more posting about G tube from me.


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Awesome news..., though it definitely sounds like something I'm not sorry that I missed...


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A second round of applause from the PEGbgone crowd! Lesson learned here is to gripe earlier.

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Way to go and a souvenir to boot.  I donated mine for reuse.  That is probably why I needed 2 of  them (reuse).  Your belly closed up quick because it can’t wait to get back to work.  Now if you can just eat.

Chow down happily,


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I, too, was surprised at how easily it was removed!  Congrats on getting that thing OUT and on to eating real food!!  :)

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I look forward to that day, but I know for me it will more than likely never happen, just change and get a new PEG. But life if still wonderful tube or no tube and I will continue to be here as long as my Lord has need of me. Congratulation on getting the tube out, now you don’t have to worry about all the problems you were having with it.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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I got mine out Monday Jan 6.  Same thing, it hurt when they started to pull out the balloon end after draining it, so they kindly put some lidocaine gel on the end and that helped but then it dripped into the hole and stung.  It was very sore Tuesday but today it is better and I went to aerobics and did well.  Mine does have a small place that looks like some granulation with a red ring around it.  I just cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and then put some bacitracin on it.  I was told not to eat big meals fo 24-48 hours so the stomach hole would not be disturbed by expanding my stomach too much.

It is very freeing and It feels so good not to have that extra appendage does it not?  Congrats to you,


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Yes, one less thing to worry about is the name of the game now.  There is so much to be concern about and eliminating as much as possible does allow the body to heal better and to feel a bit normal.

Mine only hurt or stings when I do any twisting motion of my back like turning left and right.  Perhpas due to the tissue being stretched while it trying to heal and seal up.



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PM, fantastic news!   I got mine out on July 5th and what a great day that was!    It did sting a little when they pulled that sucker out though didn't it:)




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Time Bandit
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Congrads,  as my wife put it, I'm reborn and I have a second belly button to prove it.

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That is quite true.  The artificial umbilical cord has been severed.  Now like a new baby need to be fed and fed and fed.

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