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Update On My Daughter, Johnnybegood

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Today she forged her way to Louisville for results of her mid Dec. CT. Unfortunately, the news was worse than expected.

As some of you may remember, she was hospitalized several weeks ago for undetermined bleeding & taken off chemo at that time. We expected minute growth in her lung tumos, but they have grown by at least a cm. She also has a second liver lesion now. It is now showing a spot on the head of her pancreas. All she can do at this point is restart chemo at another 20% dosage reduction & hope it does not hospitalize her again. Her mental strength amazes me. She is beyond physically tired, but views it as "It is what it is." I am certainly not that strong. So she will try this chemo & fight as long as she can. Neither of us can remember anyone on the Colon forum whose cancer spread to the pancreas, although there certainly may be someone. It usually heads for the bones & the brain after lungs & liver. If any of you have any insight on this type of mets, let me know.

And as always, please send prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, etc.



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Your daughter is in my hopes and prayers for success and comfort against anything which harms her.


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Thoughts and prayers for your family. Hoping your daughters strength outlasts the battle.


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I know it is hard to hear news like this as all we can do is to pray. My Prayers are with you and your Daughter.



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Thoughts and Prayers 


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Sometimes that's the only sane approach you can have....

My thoughts and prayers for you, your daughter and family....

Strength, Wisdom, Faith, Hope, Prayers, and Dreams....


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Please tell your daughter I think she is amazing !  And I think she takes after her Mother quite a bit !  I have no experience with this dx.  I wish I had some kind of experience to share.  Can they try to match the chemo or (trial) med. exclusively for her period ?  (personalized med)  I'm trying to grasp at words this morning.  Somdays are better than others.  I know what she means by "what do you do".  We will just keep moving ahead, and try not to wonder about the why's and how's.  Sending jonneybegood all my warmest thoughts and prayers, and of coarse for you too my friend.  If I find something more on trials I will p.m. you.   Katie

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Karen, I'm so glad you posted.  I've been thinking about you and your daughter.  I'm sorry the news wasn't better.  JBG is just amazing and I'm very glad that she continues to fight.  Please know that she and your family are in my thots and prayers and I will keep there always.  Continue to let us know how JBG does and know we are all praying for the best.

God bless you and your family,


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Sorry to hear this news Wolfen. I will keep you all in my prayers. 


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i'm so sorry for this news- my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Keep the faith....

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My thoughts are with you...



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I'm very sorry to hear the report but her amazing sprit is an inspiration to us all. Prayers and positive thoughts your way. Don


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jim and i
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Definately prayers coming. So sorry to hear this.


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My best thoughts and prayers for your daughter. She is a very strong woman, like her mom -- you both take care.

Hopefully this chemo just gets in there and does a good job.


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Prayers and hope being sent your way. 

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tough little cookie....Praying that going back to the chemo starts shrinking those tumors at the same time not making her so damned sick....you've got all my good vibes, mojo, and positive thoughts. 


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