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I am a survivor of lieomysarcoma which is a 1 in 4 million probability. I saw a posting of someone who shares this cancer and would like to talk more. Ironically, there was another lady in my small town that is surviving this same cancer. Is this coincedence, is the diagnosis occurring more frequently, is this type of cancer on the rise? I would like to shine some light on this, or better yet, I would like someone to shine some light! December 2013 marks the 1-yr anniversary of my treatment. How many other survivors of this cancer go before me?




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I was so happy to read your post.  It made my day.......

My best friend was diagnosed in fall of 2013 and has Stage IV LMS invading a lung, uterus, leg and part of  her heart.  She is undergoing treatment at UOPenn. In Philadelphia area.  She is with a group of MDs who specialize in sarcomas.  But as you know, LMS is rare and unique.  Although, I am a nurse , I have very little knowledge of this cancer.

I dont know if shes in the right place or not. I need your guidance,  someone who has been where she is now...


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your precious time and assistance 




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