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Curious to see if anyone here is on this MedImmune trial.  I just got done with my 6th treatment and had my follow up CT scan done this morning. Sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the results.

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Hoping for the best possible news (and that you hear quickly).  I'm very interested in finding possible immotherapy treatment for my husband and would be grateful for any information you can share about this trial (other than what I can find on the trial page).  What is your status?  How have you felt during treatment?  Where are getting treatment? What do you hope to get from this treatment?  Are you having any additonal treatments?  Thanks and hope you can relax soon. 

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So yesterday was my 7th round of MEDI4736. Till this date the worst side effect I've experienced is an increase with excema and acne. Almost 53 and my face looks like when I was 14. PITA but if this is the worst of it then praise God! I'm being treated at Georgetown University Hospital in DC.

Yesterday was also kind of a big day in that I had a follow up CT scan last week and yesterday I go the results. There is a very slight concern in a shadow that showed up in my liver but its in the same area as a known lesion so they think it could just be the way the scan was taken. My oncologist is going to follow up with a more extensive review with the radiologist but said he didn't think much of it one way or another. Everything else has either stayed the same or has shrunk. It's all still there, this isn't seen as a cure, although there are a few people with various cancers that have shrunk to the point of no longer being visible via a CT scan. My oncologist says he's just as thrilled if my immune system gets to a point where it can fight the cancer and keep it at bay. To him that's almost as much of a win as a cure, because he just doesn't see cure's from this.

As far as what do I hope to get out of it... I had my last (number 5) Folfox6 treatment in mid September and at the time was already thinking, "Well this isn't going to last much longer cause this is going to kill me before the cancer does." So here's 4 months of feeling pretty darn good.  Good enough at times that the idea of having cancer has been kind of surreal. Do I think this is going to cure me - no I personally don't. Do I think it will extend my life, I actually think it may give me another year or two. More over I think my quality of life has drastically improved.

One last hope - that my being on this clinical trial is going to help someone else down the road. I believe that these "cancer vaccines" really are the magic bullets the world has been searching for.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.  Glad you had some positive results. I had never heard of the trial you are in. There probably are many at different institutions. 

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Hi mrkenney - just read your post and am hoping you are still doing well on the medi4736.  I am doing research on immunotherapy and medi4736 for my husband who had stage 4 appendix cancer.  How did the treatment go for you?

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