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Happy New year 2014

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Hello again sweet pink Sisters, it's been a while since I stopped by. I'm so sad to lose "MyTurn Now" she was very supportive when I was going thru treatment. Each day I realize just a little more how much I hate this stinkin disease. We have lost so many sisters since I joined this group back in September of 09. I'm grateful for all of us who continue to survive and pray that  someone finds the cure soon. I do keep in touch on Facebook with many of you gals. Recently I spoke with Sunray, she is hanging in there but has had many health issues. I'm so happy to see many of the longtimers still posting here. Wishing all a good and healthy 2014. Blessings and Hugs to all.  (Natly 15-  Sandy)

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Happy New Year back at you -- Your picture is so beautiful!  I am so excited to know that you are thriving and surviving.

Blessings, Happiness and Health


Vicki Sam


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Happy New Year to you too..


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A happy, healthy new year, 2014 to you Natly 15 aka Sandy.

Lovely photo too,


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