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The Gerson Therapy ?? Has anyone tried it?

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I had been researching this diet/ therapy for treating all sorts of Cancer ..it sounds so logical to me and all the things I have read about it sound like they have incredibly good results . Netflix has several great documentaries that reference it : Beautiful Truth/ The Gerson Miracle/ Food Matters  they state they have had a 51% success rate with terminal cancers which is phenomenol! 

Please comment if  you know of anyone that is using this method to treat their cancer.

I have a friend that was just diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer , when they opened her up to do hysterectomy , they found the cancer so entwined around her organs they closed her back up saying they couldn't operate. Now they have her undergoing chemo in hopes they can shrink the cancer down to a size that is possible to operate . they told her if she didn't do chemo she would have 6 weeks left....

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Sorry about your friend. I hope chemo works for her. I also had 4 rounds of chemo prior to hysterectomy to shrink the tumors.

In my experience the most annoying and frustrating part of being a cancer patient are the times when my well-meaning friends and relatives called / emailed me with misc. "cancer cures" they had googled, seen on TV and heard from someone. Those stories always involve government and big pharma hiding the truth, ignorant and uncaring mainstream doctors, someone with stage 4 cancer bouncing back from their death bed and a bunch of random statistics. I would lie if I said that I never fell for any of those cures. However personally have not used Gerson therapy and have no intention of buying anything advertized as a "miracle" or involving shoving coffee up my rear end 5 times a day. But it's just me.

There is a long thread on another board discussing it. http://csn.cancer.org/node/195271 and an article reviewing "The Beautiful Truth" http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-not-so-beautiful-untruth-about-the-gerson-therapy-and-cancer-quackery/

Good luck!

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. . . Gerson "miracle" not for me, thanks. . . 

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I  to agree with the ladies.  Not for me

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"If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

Cheers, Jo

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