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Sorry Venting

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I have a pcp that wanted me to go to her onco and only use her onco. Now I hope to get back to the one I had down here. It was how not to have a appoitment with a onco yesterday. It was a mistake big time. It started with a nurse talking of how I had a death wish because I am not taking what they want me to . I have not even yet saw the doc.

I am far from having a death wish. Had to listen how I need a antidepressent from a social worker that did not know me. Bottomline I am hoping to get back to the one I had and my pcp is just going to have to deal with him and like . Before I left like a lady I let the head powers know this is not had to treat some one who has cancer.

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Dont be sorry to vent.. that is what we are here for. Is the onco that you really want approved by your insurance? If so your pcp cant make you stay with the other one. Try to see what your other options are.

Try not to take the caseworkers suggestions too personally, she is only speaking from statistics that say something like 80% of us will need drugs. Me personally, I said no to the drugs and chose GOD as my antidepressent. Only one time in my whole struggle did I get overwhelmed but other than that I handled just fine with out those drugs.

Im glad that you "left like a lady" but I am also glad you let someone know how you felt about the service.


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I am so sorry to hear  you are having more troubles. That nurse was rude and had no right to say something as horrible as that. You need to report her to the department manager.

Stick with the oncologist that you like!!

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Vent away.....



Lynn Smith
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I know what you mean.I am having some problems.I went in for a appt with my oncologist.Saw the PA.Nice person and I told her I was loosing weight the last almost 4 years.So it's  been ongoing not sudden.My appetite is bad,I'm under stress from loosing and can't gain it back.I've had stomach sugeries and what I eat doesn't absorb like most people.So then the doctor comes in and immedieately wants to do a CT scan which I don't want.It has 200 times the radiation of any test.Not good in my opinion.There are other tests but I get the one with alot of dangerous radiation.Besides that I've been having CT scans for other things.Had bronchitis.Well they do 2 CT scans for that.IMO to much of these being ordered.Well this is my body and tired of radiation.They tell us not to lay out in the sun because of it but they order all the test for the machines to put radiation in us.That's my beef.I will have to discuss this again with my oncologist.Gotta be something else.It is not good to loose weight but been going to her all the 4 years and she now wants testing with the worst test with HIGH radiation.

That's my vent so you can vent all you want too.We understand.

Lynn Smith

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