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Glad to be done
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Hi Cindy -

Was thinking about you yesterday...   How did your appointment go?




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Sorry I didn't post yesterday with an update.  The Cancer Center I go to is 21/2 hrs away (I live in a small rural town) and it also snowed 3" the night before we left, which was at 4:30am.  It was a Good day with some positive, hopeful news! I'm not out of the woods yet, obviously, but the Doctor gave us some very hopeful information. The doctor's body language, demeanor, was also very positive.  He was also extremely kind, sensitive, and empathic.  He also seemed very knowledgeable and intelligent. He talked to me first and went over all my symptoms and exactly what happen when, then he read me my general docs report word for word and ask if it was correct.  Then went over all the other reports with me. Then he gave me a full women exam and then some. Then we met back in the conference room. He explained that I would have to have surgery for him to take out the mass. During  surgery he would send a couple of samples to the lab they would do a biopsy if it wasn't cancer he would remove the mass then check the other ovary and tube to see if it needs removed then be done. If it was cancer he would do a full hysterectomy after removing the tumor then check all other organs and area to see where the cancer had spread to which is called staging, then what would be removed and do what is called debulking. I then asked some sort of question about it probably being cancer and he said wait a minute...."why do you think its cancer?" I said well because of the radiologist saying it was “complex in nature” and because it was solid looking & because my general doc said it probably was. He said, "I have been doing this for 25 years, I see this every day, my experience tells me this is more than likely not cancer". I said well what about my large CA125 count. He said, "that means nothing to me, a premenopausal women can have large numbers for a number of reasons". I said well why do you think it is not cancer, because I have no family history. He said oh no, only 10% of women who have this cancer have family history so don't put too much stock in that. Then I said why then. He then explained it is because how big my mass is. He said, this is not how cancer works. Cancer does not work to just grow one big mass, it works to spread all over. And if this big of mass was cancer then it would already be all over and I would have many many physical symptoms because it would be effecting my other organs. I then asked him if he had ever removed a mass this big, he said, "I don't mean to sound over confidant but yes all the time and ones this big are rarely cancer". He said I will have my secretary call you as soon as she can get your surgery scheduled next week. I said next week? He said, again, if I thought it was cancer we would operate tomorrow. But I do not think it is so we can schedule it for next week. of course then he said, I'm not guarantying you it's not cancer we of course won't know for sure until we get in there and do a biopsy, but I believe it is not.  He said, "however I am an eternal optimist so again we don’t know for sure until we do a biopsy".  He then said, either way, however this turns out you and I will do this together and we will do whatever it takes to fight it.  He said , I am not someone who hides anything and hopefully you can tell by my demeanor that I am being as honest with you as I can.  And I do have to say he did seem to act like it wasn’t a death sentence.  J   I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders!!!! The place was state of the art and every single person we came into contact with that worked there were extremely kind and gracious. The waiting room was packed all morning with tons of people who have all kinds of cancer. It was an eye opener on how many people have to deal with this all the time. But it was amazing how many people we visited with that had positive attitudes and several of them were litterally making us laugh out loud.  They have valet parking for all the patients so people don't have worry about finding a parking space. They have a volunteer who comes around in the large waiting room with a refreshment cart giving for free all kinds of drinks and snacks. It seems like a great place to be if you have to deal with terrible cancer. :) So keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming and I will keep you updated on when the surgery is. I just feel so lucky that I was blessed with a miracle today:). :)I do also feel like this is a wake up call that I can't forget. Love more, laugh more, give more, be better, do better, you know... Thanks so much for caring and being so kind, it really does mean a lot and I truly believe it helps more even physically.  I hope you don’t think I am being delusional thinking everything is wonderful, I do still realize there is a risk and that I’m not cured or ok, but I do feel more hopeful and stronger.   I am so happy I found this board and registered and have shared my story with you girls and read all of yours and able to come to a place to share my fears and worries and am able to get some good insite and positive energy.  You ladies are amazing!  J BIG LOVE!!!!!!XOXOXO


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This sounds very encouraging. My very best wishes to you on a wondeful outcome.

                                                   ((((HUGS)))))   Maria

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This doctor sounds well worth driving 5 hours round trip to see.  iI'll put my money on him.  Good luck.

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It sounds like you're in good hands. I hope your surgery next week goes well and pathology comes back benign.



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So, so glad to hear you got such encouraging news. Everything you said is very meaningful to me because it reminds me of where I have been and what I've been through. Thanks for all the detail. It sounds like you are getting absolutely 1st-rate treatment. I can relate somewhat to the distance--I have to drive an hour each way to all my medical appointments. I can relate to the snow, too--that's why I moved to Arizona!

Got my CT scan results yesterday too. I have "something" on my spleen & have started a new drug. Details here: 


Best of luck with your surgery next week! Be sure to let everyone know how it goes.


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Your doctor sounds wonderful!  I'm so glad that the news is so very encouraging.  I could "feel" the weight being lifted from your shoulders through your message.  Please report back to us after your surgery.


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