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CEA Results

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My last three CEA results were under 1 to 1.1 to 3.0.  I know that 3 is still normal but the fact that it has risen the last two times is concerning. Last January an MRI detected three liver tumors (two small and one larger). After four treatments of FILFIRI and Erbitux the f/u MRI only detected the larger tumor (which had shrunk). The larger tumor was removed via surgery and an ultrasound of the liver done during surgery did not show any other tumors. My fear is that the smaller tumors had shrunk beyond detection but they may still be there and growing now that the chemo had stopped...

Well a new round of scans are scheduled for the end of the month.

And then there is the TC follow-up required as well. The onc is planning to do another ultrasound at the end of the month to f/u on the small cystic focus detected in a testicular ultrasound last month. 

What a roller coaster ride this cancer battle is?  Filled with highs and lows, celebration and worries, and rolling at a very fast pace.

My 50th birthday is on Jan 27. The best present I could receive would be some good news.

Bless you all.


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so sorry to hear these latest developments. You know your body, numbers, and history, but I hope for your sake, you are wrong this time. Hope it is just up because of some infection. It is that time if year. I usually dont post much as I am mostly a lurker here but I have been following your story for some time now. And if, and that's a big if, it is one of those little buggers coming back, its time to play the old whack o mole again to beat those SOB's into oblivion. The prospects of having to dive back into treatment again sucks but you know what you have to do and have unfortunately experienced it too many times before so after this initial shock, i pray you find the strength and peace to put the gloves on again.

Good luck,


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Lets hope this is nothing serious. The scan at the end of the month will tell. Cancer teaches us to count our blessings and prepare for the fights when they come. 

Tha big 5X coming up. That is awesome!

Let us know how you feel.


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I know you could certainly use good results from those scans and ultrasound at the end of the month.  You CEA is still very low and that is a very slight fluctuation.  Perhaps you shouldn't be concerned unless you have persistent, prolonged elevation of those readings. Your description of the roller coaster ride is so true ... I wish you the very best.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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We are in your corner Phil!    Come on Great news for the Big 5  0!    Wooo hoooo!



Keep up the positive news, and keep in touch!


Best Always,  mike

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I know how you feel Phil, the worry and waiting is so difficult!  But, it's your B-Day, and that is all that matters.  It is a great reason to go do something just for you .. for you to laugh like a kid again or do something a little crazy. Maybe go on a little adventure.  

If this does turn out to be something that requires more tx or surgery .. then you would at least have had time to let loose before you have to begin again.  If not .. well, then to me that means another celebration is in order!!  

In the end Phil, your a strong person that will face this next set of scans bravely and do what is needed to be done because that is what we do! 

Wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming scans and your birthday wish come true! Maybe slowing down the roller coaster for a bit. 

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Thank you all for your support. I will take your advice and plan something fun for my birthday. And I will face whatever there is to face. Because "That is what we do!"

I love that statement. We will FIGHT cancer EVERY STEP because that is what WE do!

Love it! 


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CEA will flux.  Yours still seem pretty low.

My Bday is Jan 25, I will think of you on Jan 27.  I am sending all good things and good thoughts your way.

I know this is very hard and wears us down.  You CAN do this, you REALLY can!!

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Hope that all works out well with next scans.


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Any tests are always scary.  I'm hoping that the little rise you have in the CEA isn't nothing.  This battle is always a rollercoster, even when it comes to appointments - always another one on the horizon, bummer.  Wishing you a happy birthday. My wish and prayer for you is a healthy new year, Bless you always.


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Dear Phil, I too follow your blog and have been sharing your ups and bumps, albeit quietly. I pray you will receive good news as a birthday present! 

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Hope the slight rise of CEA is nothing to do with your Tumours. Sending my prayers to you for good news & advance wishes for your 50th Birthday on 27th.

Good to you Phil.




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I always tell my children to accept the bad days. This way you can recognize the good days and appreciate them.  It applies to us as well.. Good Luck !!!

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