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step dad with cancer giving anger

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Hi everyone. last night my step dad went  completely off the  deep end  with his anger too the point   he threatened to call the cops on me and make my mom move out as well.  He has merkel cancer and bone cancer.  Is anger  normal  for cancer and if so how do we the caregivers  handle it?

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Anger does seem to happen sometimes with cancer patients. I don't know if it's part of the grieving of the loss of the life they planned or just anger that they are sick and can't do the things they would like to do. Sometimes it is also a side effect of the treatment. One other thing that happens, especially with those who believe that they are dying, is a pulling away from those they love. They think they are protecting them and don't realize how much hurt they are causing. I think it is important to understand that your step-father probably isn't mad at you or your mother. He is just mad at the cancer that has changed his life. If this is new behavior, your mother might want to talk to your step-father's doctors. has your step-father ever behaved like this before cancer? Counseling for the family might be a good idea. This is not something you can control on your own. Get help, especially if he becomes violent. Take care of yourself, too. Fay

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