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Update on my mothers colposcopy

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She came out clear accept for some fatty tissue on her intestine. The doctor thinks that the diarrhea was due to her previous colon surgery where they removed part of her colon. They will give her meds for her diarrhea, but what I don't understand is why didnt they do this before? Why go through biopsies and drama.  Is this overkill? My sister is so stressed out that she says she is going to take a plane to Colorado and stand in line in the cold (that was a joke!) and all Xmas my mom was trying to teach me her recipes so that I can take care of the family.


thank you for your support! 



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and the like is ... maybe the doctors were just being cautious?  I am very glad that you and your family can start the new year comforted by the fact that your mother's testing was clear. This is such good news.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I can understand the sense of frustration, ketz, but I've got to say that overkill is better than "underkill", when it comes to cancer.  It's sneaky crap, and colon cancer in particular can hide and be hard to find, even with scopes and scans.  By doing as much as they did. you guys had to have a lot of stress, but at the same time you now can rest easy that your mom's symptoms are not due to cancer rearing its ugly head again.  That is something to celebrate!

Hugs to you all~AA

PS As a veteran of major digestive problems related to having lost a couple of miles on intestine, I would recommend trying lomotil, if she hasn't already.  I've found it to be most effective when you take 5-6 at a shot, which is not how they rx it, but I tried it on the advice of an experienced oncology nurse, and it worked to shut things down really well.

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they didn't give her that drug. I plan to do a separate post to ask about the medication. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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I too use lomotil for diarrhea.  Usually take two the first time, and then one more after each new BM.  It works !!!  

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