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Post surgical abscess

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Just found this site, which is great since its hard to discuss some things with friends and family, as you all know. Just recently had surgery on Nov. 18th, Radical Nephrectomy left side due to a 4cm tumor. Had to remove the entire kidney due to the location of the tumor.  Two weeks after surgery I wasnt recovering as quickly as I had hoped, but how am I supposed to know what normal healing feels like? Then I spiked a fever of 103. My girlfriend, who is a nurse, insisted that we go get checked out. Turns out I had an abscess in my abdomen. I needed a procedure to drain the abscess and another 5 day stay in the hospital with a drain tube. I seem to be much better now, and recovery is moving along great. My Surgeon said that he see's this about 1 in 100, or about once every couple of years. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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My mother experienced something similar following a non cancer related Nephrectomy many years ago . She was very sick and had a long recovery but went on to live a long life in  good health . She was the toughest person I've ever known . Way tougher than me .

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Not me either.. but a few people around here had that happen.  You are past that now..!  Recovery time varies.. but some folks take 6 weeks and up... some several months..!  Do NOT push it.. No matter how good you feel, your insides got torn up and need to heal.   Heed my warning, as I (and othes) have hernias around the incision area for doing too much too soon...

Welcome to our little elite club...(even thouh none of us want to be here..)


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The infection was between the skin and the peritum.  Luckily, it stayed near the surface.  However, the wound reopened (after the staples were out.


Mine was a staph infection.  I am now 18 months out, and still slowed by the pain.

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I can relate. I've been wondering that ever since I had my kidney removed in December 2012. Even before my kidney was removed, I was just not feeling too hot. Low energy. I was thinking, "So this is what 50 feels like..." But who knows? It's hard to compare.

I'm glad they got your infection under control. They say always call the doctor post-surgery with temperatures over 100. Good thing you got in there quickly.

At 6 weeks post nephrectomy, I "had" to go to work. My surgeon insisted I was healed and to go back to work. I didn't feel like it. Was still tender and slow moving, and tired very easily. But I think he was right and I'm glad I went back to work.

Take good care of yourself. Walk as much as you can and drink a lot of water, and get other exercise as you are able (within doctor's orders). You'll start feeling better.


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Rugby, the aftermath of your surgery sounds almost worse than the surgery itself.  I'm sorry you went through that but sounds like you're well on your way to an otherwise uneventful recovery now.  Plenty of rest and fluids and you'll do fine. 

Todd, I too have been wondering if this is just what 50 feels like.  Problem is, I'm not 50 for another 5 months or so.  That can't be a good sign!  My energy level is null and void.  Probably explains my weight gain Undecided



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Hi Rugby,

Welcome to the club (sorry). What a tough go! Glad that things worked out, though, and that your girlfriend knew the signs!

And it is interesting to see that you are a firefighter? Because I read somewhere that firefighters always get kidney cancer in their left kidney. (Not sure where I read that - somewhere on this forum, perhaps??) Just food for thought. (or am I really out of sync with this stuff and this is already a well known fact?? - and if that is the case maybe my brain was attached to the kidney that they removed!)

Take care!



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I'll have to check into that.... i thought, with the what seems to be much less on the left side, that maybe it had something to do with being left handed. Shows how new I am to this. 

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It is pretty well established that early responders - especially firefighters - seem to have a much higher incidence of kidney cancer.  This is likely due to exposure to various inhaled toxic substances.

However, I have never seen any studies that claimed that they always develop cancer in the their left kidney.


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This is an awesome site with awesome people who have tons of information!  Glad everything is working out for you!

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