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Body Aches/Bone Aches - Vitamin D

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 I haven't posted for a long time but i read the forum every day.

I posted several months ago about how I had terrible bone and muscle pain after chemo.  They even discontinued after 3 infusions.  I can't tell you how terrible the pain was.  Even ended up in the hospital once.

Went to my General Doc yesterday and she order a special blood test.  Seems my Vitamin D levels are dangerously low, like mine are 6.8 and normal is 30.0-100.

I don't think the Chemo did it, I think I was probably low to start. I wonder if I will be able to finish up the rest of my chemo when I get this under control.  I'm just really worried and want to do whatever I can.  They won't put me on the pills until this is resolved either and that worries me sick.


Has anyone ever heard of this before?














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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.


I had the same. My count was 5. They gave me vitiman d pills to take. I don't think it was the chemo. My onc was not concerned and continued my chemo.


Even after taking the pills I still have body ache and very bad back pain. I have been on chemo for the last 3 years. I think my body is just tired.


I have started seeing a naturlist doctor and receiving accupunture and cuppling. It seems to be helping.


Praying for you.



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supplement daily,  as D helps our body fight off Cancer -  this suggestion was made recently after a serious of blood panels.  My body is vitamin D deficient --  due to what??? don't know. 

I finished with chemo a few years back, and I swear I am suffering from intense side efforts, here and there.  Is this normal for us Chemo Gals? I say yes, for many - and no, for others. 

Please continue to ask questions ...


Vicki Sam



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Ditto here.  I can't remember how low mine was, but I was sent to the endocrinologist who loaded me with vitamin d.  I was taking 5000 IU a day for a while.  I have weaned down to 3000 IU per day to keep a normal level.  It did contribute to my aches and pains, but it resolved fairly quickly with treatment.

The funny thing is that one of my sisters (a psychiatrist) kept encouraging me to get my d level checked with my labs, so I advocated for it and got the test ordered.  My sister sees this all of the time with her very depressed patients and has started encouraging all of her female patients to take 2000 IU per day.  She lives in Seattle and your skin makes vitamin d with sun exposure, so I really thought she might be seeing a local phenomenon.  I live in the very sunny South, but, with breast cancer patients, I am learning this is very common.

All of us should get our vitamin d levels checked.  I was taking vit d before I was found to have a very low level, but you are shooting in the dark about how much to take if you don't know your level.  Just please get your level checked if you are reading this and haven't done it!  Simple lab test that can be done with the blood that is drawn for your other labs.

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 Thank you all for your great feedback.

I hope this Vitamin D thing gets rid of all my joint and muscle pain.  My cancer docs never thought of this and just discontinued my chemo.  This could change everything I suppose.

I'm just going to go day by day and see what the day brings me!

Thanks again.




Lynn Smith
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I got low on Vitamin D when I had a long bout with bronchitiis.Almost 8 months and still feel run down.I took Vit D and also did just 5 IV therapy sessions.Got tired of going so now just take vitamins.Last week went to my oncologist and my blood count was just below what it should be.It was 11 and should be 12 from what the PA said.I've started drinking Ensure.I did a few years ago but told my doctor and she said I shouldn't.Now she says I should drink it.I am comfused but will drink it for awhile to see if I can gain my weight back.I've been loosing for 3 1/2 years but stress is one thing I've had lately.Always on the go and never stop.

Not sure I get the marker test.One time I was told I did and another time I was told I didn't.It will be 5 years for me in August.A milestone. 

Lynn Smith

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I did not do chemo but my Vit. D is low..not sure of the # but I do take supplements.


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i had my first chemo last week, this week my bones and muscles hurt so bad i felt like just sitting in the floor crying.  I took a pain pill, which I'm trying not to take a lot of, but it did help.  I have labs with my oncology nurse tommorrow and I am surely going to push for my d to be checked.  I'd rather take a vit d pill than a pain pill any day. 

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How did that turn out 2ndxyvonne?

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put me on 50,000 iu of vit D about 5 years ago. When she did this my thyroid was off, vit D low, Cortisol levels were high.She said at that time that she was concerned that my bc was back, bcuz my bones also ached. It took another year b4 it showded up in my bones. My onc doc kinkof poo poo'd this, until about 2 years ago at one of the conferences when low vitd, thyroid and some adrenal issues were said to possibly have a link to bc???
So I have been taking it weekly for 5 years.and it still shows up in the low range


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