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always hope and investigating options

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Few of us have the adenoid cystic carcinoma dx.  But I was given hope beyond belief from another fighting bone mets.  (same dx)  I need to ask for a scintigraphy (kind of like a PET scan) it will show any changes in the bones.  I was told with our dx, I should be able to avoid anymore biopsies to confirm mets.  (what a relief !)  I'm a bit ahead on the targeted meds., as I had my tumor profile done last yr.  So chemo may be an option.  They are also using a med. normally used for osteoprosis...(for thinning bone mass) that is keeping mets in check and relieves the pain for quite awhile.  I know this might be a shot in the dark, but at least it's hope !

I think this information has lifted the blanket of darkness that has fallen over me because of the intense pain I'm experiencing.  2014 sure looks alot more full of hope and promise to me !  I'll keep posting as I journey through the maze.  Hugs sent !   Katie

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sweet Katie....I am hoping and praying that this can receive treatment.  I remember when you had the tumor profile done, I didn't quite understand where you were going with that then, but I do now.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if an osteoprosis drug can be used to relieve pain plus keeps mets in check....holy cow!!


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I’ll go with the hope and retire the blanket of darkness.

Here’s wishing you successful treatments and less pain in 2014.


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A much deserved hopeful start to 2014, how wonderful! Prayers that you get relieved of the pain with successful tx. 


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jim and i
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We got the news that Jim's cancer had spread to ribs and jaw. We go Jan. 14 to talk to oncologist. So far oxyco/acetametaphen is controling pain but hopefully he will offer this osteo treatment to control the spread and future pain. So sorry you are going through this pain. Praying you find relief for this.

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katie, keeping my fingers crossed that the new med keeps the mets in check and the pain at bay.  i'm so glad you've received some hopeful news and the blanket has lifted.  praying that 2014, is YOUR year!!  keep the faith.

God bless you, katie.


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Hi Katie,

Your steadfast hope never ceases to amaze me. I hope the therapy allieviates the pain and controls the mets. It will best a great 2014 new years! Praying for you, Don


josh r.
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Prayers and hugs are sent your way Katie. josh r.

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Heres to high hopes to the second Katie in my life. (Pssssst just don't tell the first there is a second) You have to make some rips in that blanket of darkness to shed some light on 2014.

Fight on Katie.....................


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