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Another great year gone. Another on the way!

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My best wishes for us all, no matter what therapies we try.

Alas my cea of 40 on the 31st indicates recent dendritic cell vaccine not working so well and I have big challengers this year that I embrace. 

I have learnt alot in 2013 and hope for more health and a great quality and quantity of life. I enjoy the path least trodden.

If your interested in natural health well i thought mercola top stories worth sharing. Especially the ketogenic diet, which is pretty challenging and not a miracle cure but still a dietary approach I have faith in. Alas it's not stopping my recently rising cea due to recurrence 3.

Feel free to post me if you are interested in alternatives I have tried from ketogenic diet to gcmaf and alot in between.

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Glad it was good for you Pete. Really wish Ren and Tedd had same luck with your treatments. They both fought so hard and tried so much. All of those poor kids fatherless :(

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