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Hi - just thinking about you and hoping your daughter is well.  How's that grandbaby doing?

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It's very nice of you to think of us. I've been meaning to come on and tell you and Chelsea thank you for thinking of us a while back. It's been so unbelievably busy and I don't really have any excuse for not coming on the boards other than I kind of feel like an outsider any more. Wish I could say my daughter is doing well, but it's been a challenge - the trip to New York was a total failure in every sense, and really set everything back. She is now almost completely recovered from that mess. We are now trying to get her disease stable again at this point. She is back to work and feeling great and you'd never know - weird thing about this evil disease. I have my grandson for a few days so Mommy and Daddy can go celebrate New Years with friends. He sees me on the computer and wants to get on here and look at pictures of balloons so I will try to write more later. I am aware of the issues you're husband has had and I'm so sorry - it's like a punch in the gut and I regret I have not been supportive. Thank you again for thinking of us.


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Nice to hear from you, Sandy.  I'm glad your daughter is feeling good and back on track.  These must be very trying times for you.  Wishing you and your daughter good health and happiness in 2014.  Looking forward to an update informing us that her disease has stabilized.  She's lucky to have such a loving Mom.  Please take care of yourself.



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Hi Sandy,

Hope you enjoyed your visit with your grandson.  Such a sweet age.  Sorry to hear of her New York trip, but glad she hasn't given up.  I hope she continues to improve.

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