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Late Term Brachytherapy side effects...

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Hello All,

Have not been here in awhile. New symptoms brought me back.

Had BT in December 2011. Had typcial short term effects which went away after a month.

My PSA's since then have averaged .40 with one 2.0 spike.

In the last few months have experienced buring urination, frequency, urgency, sore testicles.

My Urologist did a CT scan, check for infection and prescribed Uribel, Flomax and Baclofen. Wants to do a Cystocopy to take a look. He says these symptoms are not unusual and usually go away on their own.

Anyone else experience these symptoms?

Also had blood in stool recently and the Doctor found vascular malformation due to radiation. He cauterized it and have been OK since then.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and replies.

Happy? New Year!


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