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AUS Surgery Jan 27 - Anxious

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   Advice / feedback on AUS surgery MAIN interest.  Surgery set for Jan 27.

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Any patients of either surgeries please chime in.    2-4 pads daily and ED after 2006 radical surgery and radiation.  Very fortunate, but  call me greedy for wanting near normal life back.   Thanks to responders.


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RPS in Jan 03. PSA continues at <.01.  Did thousands of Kegels but never recovered continence; used 2.3 pads per day until AUS surgery ten years later (Feb 2013).  Now use only a small Poise liner just in case.  Very seldom is their drippage.  Now age 82.  tpelle

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Let me refer you to page two of these posts near the bottom. There is a thread of 270 posts started by Trew named "AMS800, artificial urinary sphincter". You will find all your answers in this thread in detail.

Be appraised when Trew started this thread he was near a "basket case" with his incontinence and had a difficult time finally getting to the point where he could have the procedure done. At last contact he is a very happy camper, having been returned to an active life style.

I had the procedure in June of 2010 and could not be happier. You will read that the surgery itself (post op) is a ***** (no other way to soften it). Your testicles will turn purple/black and swell to the point where you can hardly walk. None of that is fun. At first you are so swollend that your incontinence will stop just from the swelling alone. It will return as your swelling goes down in the following weeks. By the time of activation and shortly thereafter, you will very happy to have gone through what you did to get to that point. In that 270 post thread you will read over and over again the same scenario. Just get a mind set of the first three are so weeks are something to get over to get to the good stuff and you will be OK.

Good luck, Happy New Year, read the thread, and if you have further questions, ask away, or PM me.


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I did not find the AUS surgery nearly has bad as I had imagined.  So don't let the surgery upset you.



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Hi Rogbonb,

As the folks replying to you have indicated, there is LOTS of information available for you in the posting section specific to the AMS 800.

I took my inspiration from Trew, had the implant surgery, and I detailed my own personal experiences in that posting section for folks like you.

Here are some specific links to get you started.

http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=3  -  New Member and Initial AMS 800 Implant Experience

http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=3  -  Update: 1 Week Post Surgery for AMS 800

http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=3  -  AMS 800 Activated

http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=3  -  2+ Weeks After AMS 800 Activation - Update

http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=5  -  6 Month Update

Good luck, and please share your own experiences in the posting section specific to the AMS 800.


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