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Hi, Ladies:

This is what I posted on the Breast Cancer forum.  Just wondered what you think, as I know some of you have had this double whammy also (OVCA & BC):

Well, 18 is just 1 point above the 'low' mark, and into the mid-range.  As I was told earlier, this is 'up for discussion' as to whether or not I should do chemo.  To recap, DX of Stage 1 Invasive Lobular Cancer, 100% ER, 10% progesterone; umpectomy on December 3, clear borders, lymph nodes are clear.  Radiation planned after we cross this bridge, and then daily dose of Arimidex.  So, I don't think I'll be choosing to have chemo.  I'm just barely over the low range.  I am scheduled to see the oncologist about this, but quite frankly I need to be careful about my office visits this coming year with my new insurance. 

Many of you wonderful ladies have responded to my other posts.  Just wondering what you think about this, now that I have some definitive answers.  I remember one or two of you chose radiation and anti-estrogen pill only.  Your thoughts would be appreciated!

(((HUGS))) to All!



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I myself have not had breast cancer but hopefully other ladies will chime in.  Please know that I am praying that you feel comfortable with the decision you ultimately make and that your treatment kicks your cancer's butt!

Hugs back to you,


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So sweet of you to respond, Kelly.  I truly appreciate the prayers as well.  I'll let you ladies know what I decide.  All of you are so supportive and helpful!




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Glad to be done
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Monika I can honestly say that if I was on the fence number wise like you I would make the same choice you did.  The only second thought I would think would be that if the of was creeping its way back in the chemo for BC would knock it back down...when I found out I was brca 1+ I thought before my mammogram that if I had BC the oc chemo killed it..  

In the end if I was told I did not HAVE to have chemo I probably would not do it....

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In my opinion, your oncologist wouldn't be open to no chemo if that weren't a genuine option. I asked mine what the percentage advantage of chemo over no chemo would be and it was so low that it was an easy decision. He did strongly suggest I take Arimidex for 5 years and because I was Her2neu positive, 17 rounds of Herceptin. This has been easy and I only have 2 left. My side effects with Arimidex were night sweats, thinning finger and toenails...no joint pain beyond what i already had. The night sweats have decreased over time. All in all, easy. Hope it will be the same for you too. I wonder if you will feel, as I do, that the breast cancer is an inconvenience, but nothing compared the OvCa.

Happy New Year!


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