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Sad news to share...Rest In Peace MyTurnNow

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Jean 0609
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Unfortunately, our dear sweet pink sister, Debbie, passed away this morning.  She hasn't been on here for awhile.  Olga and I have both been corresponding with her through e-mail.  I have recently been in touch with her sister through Facebook.  Her sister sent me a message early today with the news.  This really hit me hard, as I met Debbie and Dave in 2012 when I was in Florida.  Tom and I were looking forward to having dinner with them again in April. 






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sending warm hugs and caring thoughts your way - also to Debbie's family.  At least her suffering is over and she is at peace.

much love


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So sorry to hear this news.  My heart goes out to her family.


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I feel as if another piece of my heart has been taken away. It is never easy to lose another "PINK"! My Prayers and Thoughts are with Debbie's family & friends at this time of sorrow. Thank you,Jean, for letting us know about Deb's passing.

(((HUGS))) andPrayers


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I too am so sorry to hear this!

She was so kind to me when I first came on the boards.

Cry My heart hurts.


Prayers for her family and loved ones.  xo

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Debbie and I went through the same chemo and radiation treatments at the same time back in 2009 -- I so cherished her support and friendship here on this board.

What I will always remember are those $#%*& Jazzercise classes that she kept up during chemo -- I could barely crawl to work and home to bed every day, and this woman who was 20 years older than me was working AND taking Jazzercise!  I always told her she was just doing it to make me look bad. Smile 

I feel like I should go take a Jazzercise class, to honor her memory -- she would laugh her head off if she heard me say that!

Jean and Olga, if sometime down the road you hear of her obituary, and/or a place where her family would like donations to be made, please let us know.


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We've lost another gem, I will light a candle in her honor.  <3

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So sorry to hear this. RIP

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This is so sad. We lost another warrior. Sending prayers to her family for strength during this difficult time.

She will be missed.


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Double Whammy
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Rest in peace dear pink sister.  You were loved here and will be missed.


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I realized she had not been on for a while. I always hope it is because they are getting on with life, and I guess in fa t she was. Just to a different place. I am so sorry for her family and her friends. Traci, I use to wonder how in the world she had the strength for jazzercize when I barely survived going to the grocery store.
My condolen es to her family and all of her friends on this site as well. It just takes something more each time we lose another pink, even though we know the odds from the fime we walk out of the doctors office.

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condolences to her family. 

She was a lovely classy lady, always warm and welcoming to board members, and I'm so so sorry that she is gone. 

I am very sad.



New Flower
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My candle is lighting , my tears are pouring, I am still smiling, remembering Debbie  today. My Turn now- her screen name is the clue to her character. She was always positive and cheerful, sweet and caring no matter what ... and brave. She has been the fighter, who had tried most of the available Chemo drugs.  She helped many survivors welcoming new members

We never met in person, however she helped me to move on and live a normal life after my second diagnosis. Even being in pain in hospice she wished me luck with my PET.

Thank you Debbie  You have been missed Rest in peace



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I hope she is happy and healthy and doing jazzercize from above now.  My condolences go out to her family.  She will be missed by all.


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My thoughts and prayers are with Debbie's family, friends and loved ones.  Such a wonderful women, with a zest for life.  I will miss Debbie.


Vicki Sam

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Just checking in and saw this post. So sad that another one of our dear warriors has passed. Debbie has been so dear here. I didn't realize that she was battling again. My heart goes out to her family at this sad time. May they be comforted as they go thru her loss. She is much loved.

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I am so sad to hear that we have lost another pink sister. My heart goes out to her family and friends in this difficult time. I know she will be with each of us in our hearts.



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I am also very sorry to read of Debbie's passing.  

My sympathy to her love ones





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rest in peace pink sister ! 




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That is sad news.  Debbie will be so missed.  My condolences to her family.  She was a wonderful and wise part of the board.

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Debbie's post were always so thoughtful and reflective, you could tell she

gave it some thought before she put her words in writing. You know what

she told me in one of her last emails 

" I have not posted my situation on CSN because of all the sadness in losing so many of our sisters.  "

This is just how thoughtful she was, she wanted to spare us the sadness, can you believe her?

But this is how she was she played the cards she was dealt and she played them well. So with

that said, I think I will remember her with a warm smile, Debbie giving everyone much needed

support and advise, Debbie jazzerising her little heart out, Debbie fighting like pink sister that

she will always be to us all. 


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I am so sorry for this bad news. My sincere condolences to her family.


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Christmas Girl
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... to learn of Debbie's passing. My heart goes out to her family & friends - all who knew and loved her. Including everyone here.

(deep sigh...)

New Flower
Posts: 4299
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Jean sent me this information from Debbie's sister. it is difficult to believe that she left and now with other pink angels watching over us. PM me for the donation address or mine.

[Content removed by site administrator.  Sharing the personal identifiers of other members is not permitted.]

I am going to light a candle [Content removed by site administrator]. She was a bright light and amazing positive voice.

my deepest condolences to her family and friends

If you are interested in sending donations to the hospice where she passed please PM me. That is family wish  instead of flowers to honor her life. The service is scheduled for January 4 from 11-2 Jacksonville FL

 [Content removed by site administrator.  Sharing the personal identifiers of other members is not permitted.]

Please Sign the Guestbook . PLEASE PM me If you would like to sign. I will email you the link 

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Thanks for info.

Lynn Smith
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This is very sad to hear.I haven't had internet in over a month.Problem after problem with our provider.It would be 2 weeks at a time.I kept thinking of my Pink Brothers and Sisters wondering how things were and if everyone was OK.I try to check in everyday but miss now and then. Now this saddens me.What my fear was someone passed and now I read it happened.A shock since I'm so far behind. Tears flowing.I was gone and was hoping not to come back to a loss.

Prayers and Thoughts to her family and friends.She will be missed.

Lynn Smith 

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so very sorry to hear this.Prayers

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