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New Year 2014

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Hearty Pioneer
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Joined: Apr 2013

Here it comes, ready or not, 2014. I am looking forward to another year with my loved ones and friends. No big plans. Hope to finish out my double mastecotmony and get balanced and tatoos for areoles. Looking at 3 d tattoos.  Do you have any plans?

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2timothy1 7
Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2012

I don't have any plans that could beat yours:). Love your sense of humor! 

My only plans are to decide how to tackle this beast in 2014. 

lovesanimals's picture
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Joined: Sep 2011

I don't have any big plans for 2014.  I expect to continue working full-time (unless I win the lottery!) and focus on tackling my osteoporosis of the lower spine and right hip.  And I hope that I get to continue dancing with NED (no evidence of disease).


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Joined: Jul 2012

In 2014 I hope to keep dodging chemo for as long as I can, to get into the PARP trial and achieve remission. I hope to lose weight. Or at least lipo most of the fat out. I hope to have as much <legal> fun as humanly possible. I hope that my family, friends, acquaintances and people I hardly know remain in good health and prosper.

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Joined: Sep 2012

My plans are to see Christmas 2014 -- one step at a time. My wish is that the CT scan I'll have on New Year's Eve will show NO recurrence of my primary peritoneal cancer when I get the results on Jan. 2, despite my ever-increasing CA-125 which is now out of the normal range. My further wish is that I will revert to the N.E.D. status I got to in Sept. 2013 & STAY there! And finally, I wish for complete remission for everyone! Happy New Year to all.

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Posts: 296
Joined: Apr 2013

My main wish is to stay NED all year, travel as much as I can and have as much fun as I can. I may get my giant hernia repaired if I really do stay NED. Soon it will be dragging on the ground like a third leg. Until I decide about that, I will continue to exercise and generally try to stay healthy. Losing weight doesn't seem likely. You never know, though. Sadly, my only really effective weight loss tool was almost dying of OvCa before it was diagnosed. I didnt eat for months and lost a ton of weight. Since I got my appetite back, I seem to connect eating with being alive...hmmm. no wonder I gained it all back and more.

I hope all of you, my teal sisters, achieve NED and live life to the fullest this year and for many years to come!


Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

No rhyme, this time,

Here goes, just prose!

My wishes for 2014 consist of: 1. As a volunteer for Ovarian Cancer Australia, whose vision is

"to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone" I have made it my "mission"

to increase the current number of my speaking engagements on symptom awareness

 from 6 to 600 (well maybe 16?). 2.To enjoy the cruise with beloved husband and great friends

to New Zealand in March without thinking of my next doctors visit or medical appointments.

3.To try and maintain contact with all my CSN "cyber"friends who I've not met  face to face.

 However, your advice, caring and understanding of this "sneaky" disease, that we all share, means

it is as though I know you all on a very personal level and really value your companionship.

    and finally:-

4. To work out how to get my " #%**" new photo onto this board!










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Glad to be done
Posts: 569
Joined: Jul 2012

Happy new year everyone.  My plans for the new year.....  Stay healthy.  It seems lately the longer I go Ned the more I worry it is going to come back...  Every little ache or pain freaks me out a little more than it did last year at this time. When cancer recurrence shuffles itself!f to the front of my thoughts I throw it in the circular file but it seems to find it's way back..


I wish all of you a very happy new year..  I try to post as often as possible but life is crazy.  Now that the holidays are over maybe it will slow down. The last couple times I posted my posts didn't submit. Don't know why. Hope this makes it.


Happy new year fellow *** kickers.  Love you all...

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Posts: 1341
Joined: Nov 2009

My plans.... to continue bi-monthly chemo and remain stable CA-125 counts, to enjoy everyday that I'm not in or recovering from that blasted chemo, to play with utter abandon with my granddaughters, to become a eight year survivor in May and walk in the OVCA 5K in July! May we all have healthy and happy times in this New Year.

                                                         ((((((HUGS)))))))   Maria

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Posts: 737
Joined: Jul 2010

 My goal in 2014 is to make it till after the holidays next year feeling pretty well. I got my pet/ct results yesterday and was relieved to find out the cancer has not progressed  as much as I was expecting. it is there but I trust my doctor will deal  with it. My wish is we all can hang on long enough to put this disease in its place , behind us!

Happy New Years to everyone ,

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Posts: 1346
Joined: Jun 2010

forward to remission once I begin chemo again next week.  I hope to have a lot of good times in 2014.  I have spent most of my "healthy" time just hanging around the house, which I love to do but I need to broaden my horizons a bit.


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