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colo-rectal surgeon and procedure???

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I had an appointment with a colo-rectal surgeon on 12/26.  I was referred by my radiation oncologist who said I should have been seeing a colo rectal doctor all along.  No one ever told me that!  Anyway, I have been having some blood with my bowl movements.  Doctor ruled out hemroids.  Now she wants to do a procedure where she takes a look at my colon and takes various tissue samples for biopsies.  I am not sure what this procedure is called but she said it is not a colonoscopy.  She wants to have this procedure done asap and is going to have her nurse call me Monday morning.  Of course I am scared and upset that no one during the last two and a half years ever asked me if I had a colo-rectal doctor (I have 3 oncologists!).  This doctor kept telling me how lucky I am to still be alive (I was stage 4).  I know how lucky I am but having a doctor tell me made it hit home a little more and made me realize how that can change in a minute.  I wish I knew the name of the procedure but was wondering if anyone has any insight.  Has anyone ever had the cancer come back in their colon?

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I am sorry for this "scare" you are experiencing.  Unfortunately, I am not knowledgable the procedure they are scheduling you for.   I know our situations are different (I was never staged but had no lymph involvement nor metastisis), however, I too have some blood in BM's off and on.  (I'm 9  months past treatment.)  I have seen a colorectal surgeon since my original biopsy and diagnosis.  I was told by him that there is a slightly higher risk of colon cancer after having anal cancer.  He performed a colonoscopy in Aug. and all was good.   I was also told by my radiation oncologist not to let anyone to any unnecessary biopsies due to healing problems post radiation treatment (I'm not sure how long this side effect continues). 

Lucky or not, you are a survivor.  Our lives can change in a minute from anything, cancer or any other tragedy and we need to focus on today.

Thoughts and prayers to you!

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I have left you a response on the other forum, so I won't repeat myself here.  Please let us know what type of procedure you are going to have when you find out.  As always, I wish you all the best and hope you'll get the all clear.

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I am sorry that miscommunication has caused you this new worry. I have seen a colo rectal surgeon all along as part of the team. I alternate appointments and see someone every 3 months now. The procedure the colo rectal surgeon does on me is an endoscope. It is not too bad, no anesthesia,and prep is only 24 hours with 2 enemas. I am not sure whether they take tissue samples. For me, so far so good.

Sometimes doctors say things not realizing the emotional impact that their words have. When anyone reminds me that I am lucky to be alive, I respond, "Isn't everyone?" . Every day anyone gets on this earth is a blessing! Take heart. You have done well so far! Hang in there! I am hoping that your scope shows no problems so that you can have one more reassurance.

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It often puzzles me as to how all of our doctors follow very similar treatments but yet there are these very important differences. It will be three years ago that I was diagnosed next month, and until I questioned it last summer I too had never been refered to a colo-rectal doctor. I did finally see one and although my oncologist was in agreement that it was just fine to see him, he didn't seem to give me the feeling that it was needed as part of my regular follow-up. My oncologist is very thorough with his exams and I still see him every six months but sometimes I feel like it is up to me to bring things like this to his attention while others have it as part of their care plan. My doctor will usually agree with anything of this nature if I need a referal, but I rely most on my PCP to tie it all together, she is GREAT!! Everyone has individual circumstances that alter the details of our care, but this is one that I have also questioned for a while.

I do hope that this procedure brings you good news and many years of good health ahead.

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I believe you and I share the same RAD ONC. I have always had a colo-rectal surgeon. That's how I got my diagnosis.  I did have a procedure that was not a colonoscopy.  I can't  remember what it was called but it was very similar to a colonoscopy. (I will try to see if the procedure I had is on My Chart anywhere). She looked in colon and took some biopsies.  I too was stage 4.  Very lucky to be here.  Try not to worry. Many people get blood with bowel movements and I was told you could have some blood forever.  Feel free to private message me.  I'm wondering if you also have the same colo rectal surgeon.

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When I was first being diagnosed I had a colonoscopy, endoscope, pet scan, ct scan and a sigmoid scope or something like that.  My team was my oncologist, radiologist and colorectal surgeon.  Although I never had surgery the colorectal surgeon was the one doing my scopes post treatment. Every 3 months, then 6 months and recently graduated to annual for him but still at 6 for oncologist. If they are doing the endoscope it isn't too bad/ painful. Hopefully the bleeding is nothing to worry about. It could be an anal fissure which is common. 

wishing you good news!


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