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My moms mass

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So I'm not to sure what to say here but recently the doctors have discovered a mass that was 34 centimeters on her ovarie. She said she would be needing surgery and probably chemo. This is all the information she would give me. Is 34 centimeters considered big? Will she be okay? 

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hello. my views are based on the lay personal experience and carved out of my wife’s ovarian cancer....according to what you have been told, the mass of 34 centimeters or 13 inches confirms the size, but not whether the mass is benign or malignant.

What tests determined the size of the mass?  What type of blood work has been completed?  Do you or your Mom know the results of the blood work carried out?

The surgery removes the mass but also allows physicians to determined the mass’s aggressiveness. In other words, has the mass metastasized (connected/attached) to other locations, besides her ovaries.  For example, in my wife’s case we knew the mass was malignant going into surgery.  Surgery removed the mass and that's when physicians discovered that the mass had attached to her colon.

You ask, “Will she be okay?” In my view, no one can tell you with certainty whether a negative or positive outcome can be expected. But the one fact that is known is that your Mom is here today.  It affords you a great opportunity. Squeeze every ounce of energy into her happiness and to yours.  It is a gift----yet, sometimes it doesn’t appear that way. Run to the next step without hesitation. Finally, embrace that an opportunity has been made available------for each next step, brings hope.

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This is the most inspiring response I've read and so succinct.  Needs to be bookmarked.

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AMEN to what Connie said!

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