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Stage IV melanoma

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Dear All, it is nice that there is a network where we can read some gudilines but still have to ask if someone has opinion regarding
melanoma, my brother Rok was diagnosed 12/18/2013.
Just to describe his case.
He was born in 1977 in Celje, Slovenia.
In beging of december he sneezed and he felt a very intenese pain at the ribs.
Next morning he went to a doctor, they made an x-ray image and they saw the he has a broken rib and shadowed right wing of lungs.
He was transported to a Hospital that is specialized for lung diseses. They found out that he has metastazes on his livers and loungs.
They noticed a scratched mark on a skin at his back that was scratched in the beging of march 2013. When my brother scratched his birthmark he did not know that it is something serious so he didn't payed to much attention to that.
They imediatly requested a surgery in Institute of oncology in Ljubljana to test and make a pathalogical tests.
The result was that he has melanoma that is malignant.
His blood was tested and during waiting for results he had very intenese epileptical seizure. Based on this 20 min seizure, he was transported to a hospital on neurological section. They made a CT of head and they saw that he has metastases also in his brains.
After 3 days he was trasnported to Onclogy insitute to discuss with Dr. Boc Marko about his results.
The result is:
From melanoma is based on Breslow stages:  20mm with 17 mitosis on mm2.
After CT of chest they saw a number of metastaes from both sides of lunges, largest is up to 14mm
After CT of stomach they saw a number of metastes on liver, largest is up to 3 cm, they also saw osteolityc metastases Th6 and Th10 on 10th rib with lateral fracture in all lumbar vertebrae.
After CT of head they saw at least 10 metastases on each hemisfare that are well supplied with blood largest up to 14 mm.
So at the end we have metastases on livers, loungs, skeleton and brains
Based on mutation on B-raf gene, he has a therapy of 960 mg per day of Zelboraf.
On monday 30.12.2013 he is going to get a radiation therapy of skeleton and brains 10 days in a row.
We do not know what to expect from radiation treatment and Zelboraf or what is prognosis, snice my brother 
he pulled the strings and he doesn't want to talk about it.
Any suggestions or possible explanation since we really think that the time is running out for us.
Thank you again
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