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Here we go

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When I went to the doctor last week to get my nephrectomy staples out, I told the doctor that I would be worried a lot more and seeing him a lot more for every twinge or ache or worry.

So the last couple of days I have noticed a very bitter taste in my mouth. It has been very busy of course the last couple of days and at first I thought maybe I put too much lime in the guacamole, or some wrong spice in mashed potatoes...but everything tasted off. And tonight my husband made his famous linguine, and I couldn't finish it because it just tasted yucky although everyone else raved about it.

My first "twinge".  Is this a possible side effect of having a nephrectomy? Something to worry about or just one of those things?


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Sounds ike nothing at least not from a Neph. Double check to maje sure your doctor is monitoring your Kidney function numbers. And then again I am not sure what you mean by a twinge/



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Hi Jojo, you will get a lot of twinges and possible sharp pains. You may also feel itchy deep inside, everything is slowly trying to knit together, tissue, nerves and muscle. If you ever feel hot or inflamed that's the time to worry.

Many people complain about the change in their tastbuds after surgery. It's a combination of the drugs and the procedures that can cause it. You might try some zinc that can sometimes help to rebalance your taste!

All in all you seem to be doing very well though:) 

Djinnie x


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I had a odd metallic taste in my mouth for about a month or so. Oddly about the same time it went away I became very hungry for several weeks all the time.

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Taste, well don't ask me... several of the women I have dated told me I had no taste.. so there..!  Hope youget back to normal soon..!

Ron Cool

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Jojo, I have had more twinges since hearing the C word!  Chances are, this bitter taste in your mouth is unrelated.  Have you had a cold or upper respiratory infection?  Maybe a sinus infection?  Whatever the case, hopefully it goes away soon and you can once again enjoy hubby's fine culinary skills.

Try not to worry too much.  Maybe you need to see how a nice bottle of wine tastes Wink



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