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Mother in Law and a complex cyst

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My mother in law gave me her medical report from CT scan with and without contrasting.  There really isn't a whole lot of information in it other than it's definitely not a simple cyst and is probably complex.  There's no information on size of lesion or other diagnostic information.  As far as treatment,  the recommendation is follow up CT in 3-4 months due to her "age group".  She is 82 and does have other issues.  I'm at a loss.  If it's not a simple cyst and is most likely complex, does she most likely have kidney cancer  or RCC?  WHY would they not tell her?  If they are going to do nothing but monitor her, how long would she have if they're actually not going to treat her?  She must suspect or why would she have her daughter and I looking this up for her?   Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.

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The treatment for a small tumor, at 84, they would tatch and wait. RCC is usually slow growing -- typically less that 0.5 cm/year. In this case, the risk of the treatment is greater than the risk of the disease.  Treatment is major surgery: removing the kidney or part of the kidney.  She will be recovering for the surgery for months if not longer.  And at 84, sugery like this has a lot risks.

The bottom line is, someone at 84 with typical RCC if not treated, will probably not die of RCC and have no symptoms.

Note that a complex cyst does not mean cancer.


If the cyst changes, then you start looking at options.  But, again, non-metastatic RCC has one primary treatment:  remove the tumor and surrounding tissue.

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thank you

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