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Today is Carlene Mullins Birthday

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AKA Hissy Fitz. She was our Mother Hen on this site for a very long time. I really miss her. She was very smart and did a lot of research on this disease. Happy Birthday in Heaven....miss you....Val 


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Val, thank you for letting us know.  I was mostly a lurker when Carlene was an active poster on this board but I remember her love, support and encouragement to her teal sisters and their families.  I believe she is still watching over her family and is a guardian angel to all of us.


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You are still with us in our hearts and minds.

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Miss you, Carlene.

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Hearty Pioneer
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Today would have been Julie Davis birthday. She died From ovarian cancer. I was a couple of years ahead of her at our high school. 


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Carlene helped me so much when I had so many questions  and I really thought that if anyone could beat this it would be her.

Im sure she is our teal angel giving us a little help when we need it.


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