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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays to allKiss

I know this can be a joyous or emotionally draining time of the year for all of us.....It was a rough year for me as it was for all of you, I am counting my blessings and trying to cherish how lucky I really am.

I hope everyone is doing well and can enjoy some family/friends this holiday season

You all have been such a huge part of my life the last year and have been crucial in my treatment process, I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU ALL!!!

Finished my first semester back after chemo with a 3.0125<--- Not major, but after the chemo brain I am sooooo happy with this GPA.

My apologies for not being on here regularly, school and work has kept me more than busy plus that cute lil boy that follows me around and calls me momWink. My son is struggling with if Santa is real this year or not, which is sort of a blessing to not have to sneak everything around however at only amost 9, I am still going to encourage him that Santa in fact is real. It is kind of amusing all the stuff that he has come up with to disprove Santa being real. Yup, before you ask, I bought him coal LOL...basically for my entertainment. He wants to sleep under the tree this year, because a girl in his class told him that Santa wasn't real and she saw her parents putting presents under the tree.



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First of all, Santa IS real- in our hearts and in an idea - right?  These days, I leave a shot of whiskey and some spicy snacks out for Santa - he must get sick of the cookies and I heard he is lactose intolerant ;).

So nice to hear from you, Carie.  We are thankful for you, too!

A joyous and wonderful holiday season to everyone here !

Hugs - Jim

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Hi Carie,

 No apologies necessary...we know you are a busy working mom and going to school. We have little tiny ones again that truely believe in Santa, so it's fun to start the whole process of "believing" all over again. Lizzy called me this morning and said.."oh Nana, this is a big day..Santa will be coming tonight"! I just love hearing the excitement in her voice. I hope you and your son have a wonderful Christmas, and we allhave a healthy Happy New Year! Keep in touch when you have time.  Much love...Sue

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Congratulations on the 3.0125!! That is awesome any day of the week, especially wonderful with the obstacles you've had. You are going to be a fantastic PA.

After a very busy holiday season, I am looking forward to a quiet interlude. I got some books for Christmas I need to read, including a couple of cookbooks and I'll want to try out some new recipes. But, I didn't have to get up this morning and start checking off a list and making a new one of shopping, wrapping, shipping, cookie baking, meal planning, decorating, travel plans, and all the other things that have gone into making our holidays special. Time to sit back and enjoy for a while.  

May 2014 be a blessed and happy year for you. I am always happy to hear from you when you have time.





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Hi Carrie and Happy Holidays to you and to your handsome son!

Like Jim said Santa is Real just ask my 5yr old daughter haha! She was very excited this year we left some oats in our front yard for the reindeers...so they had to stop by at our house ^_^ and bring Santa over with her presents! Glad to hear that you're doing good, take care (((Hugs)))



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