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Thank you!

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I found this group when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer; at first, he was told "maximum one year, lucky if you make it to Christmas".

a summer day turned upside down. I read about the Mayo Clinic and other cutting edge treatments from all of you.

i learned that stage 4 was not a death sentence and then an oncologist told us that the initial MRI was incomplete and that the first guy could not have enough info from such little information.

so much variety in renal cancer on this board, such hope and grit and a refusal to quit. TW lost his battle but in his last days found the strength and concern for others to distinguish his situation so our hope could live on even if he didn't.

i learned from Fox that life was worth fighting for as he shared his experiences with Il2; what a fighter and for now, he's doing well.

you all gave me info so I could ask intelligent questions of our team and provide my husband with real-time survivors with spastically worse prognosis.

 it is late and I am rambling; he's doing well "for now" and he will be here at Christmas. We will enjoy our celebration on the 26th since our sons have their own lives but will be here, along with our granddaughter on the 26th. What's in a date?

then hubby and I will take off for 10 days in Hawaii on the 6th for beach, warmth and enjoying what we have rather than whine over the cancer.

so, thank you all for being here and for the year to come. 

I am grateful to have found this group. Enjoy the holidays.


Posts: 482
Joined: Dec 2013

"STATISTICALLY" not "spastically"....automatic spelling has its downside!


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Dear Srashedb,

And taht teh way one should live life like ... :) Hope all goes well later too

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Wishing you a magical Christmas celebration with your family. I know you will enjoy every minute in Hawaii. It is so beautiful there. Enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, and each other's company.



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and doing well for later also. Once the concept that we have cancer is dealt with, we learn to go about our business as usual. I am alive has stated it best. There is life to live and things to do, and bills to pay. Get your head around that and life is still great. Any time worrying is non-recoverable time lost. I wouldn't want to miss a minute in Hawaii. (my wife and I went in '88. I won the trip at a road race. Random drawing.) Have a wonderful time! Be prepared. It gets more romantic than you are expecting. At least one of you will feel like a horny teenager. Things are looking up. Pun intended. Appreciate life with positive thoughts. Have a deserved vacation. We don't let a cancer diagnosis ruin anything anymore. Where are you going next year?

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Fox, this is why I look forward to everything you write.  You certainly have a way with words and almost always make me laugh out loud.  Your wisdom mixed with that wicked sense of humor piques my interest everytime. 

Merry Christmas, Fox!!



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Sarah, you are so right about dates.  We had our celebration today, the 24th, because the children spend Christmas Day with their in-laws.  We have to alternate.  I'm not use to having to share my kids during the holidays and I don't like it one bit.  But, it is what it is and we make the most of it.

I am so happy you and the mister will have an opportunity to spend some quality time together in Hawii.  I hope you leave all these health worries behind you and focus on the there and then. 

I'll remember you both in my prayers.

Merry Christmas!


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