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I haven't been here in a while.  I had surgery the week of Thanksgiving and after a few setbacks, I am doing well and looking forward to spending the holidays with my 5 children!   I finished chemo Oct. 24 (CEA 1.7 and clear PET results- yay!) and then began the process of preparing to reverse the colostomy.  All is well and I am recovering better than expected.

This Christmas, I wish for you all much peace and love, an abundance of blessings, and above all, strength and good health. 

always, love and prayers,

Mary Carol

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Just in time for this Christmas season. 

Don't overdo it, especially with all your children. I bet they will be falling over themselves to take care of you. 


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Congratulations on finishing treatment and the test result

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I'm so glad your PET scans are clear! Wishing you a cancer-free life!


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Enjoy the holidays with your kids!


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Thank you Marry Carole for a beautiful Christmas blessing. And praises to God for your wonderful success in the cancer battle. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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We are glad to hear that everything went well for you!   We all need to hear positive news.  Keep up the good healing and do what ever you need to keep getting stronger.


Now, Go Slay some Dragons!

Best Always, mike

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Great news.  Congrats.

Merry Christmas


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Test results, CONGRATS.

And Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Winter Marie

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I hope you had a great Christmas with your kids, and continue on the road to good health in the new year.


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That is wonderful news, truly a time to be joyous.  Glad you are doing well and thank you for the update.  Hope your reversal surgery goes well.


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