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update :)

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I know I dont get on this site very much lately.  Have alot going on.  


On 19 Sept 2013 I went in for another colonscopy, the procedure went well.  I was in the recovery room for 45 mins, all of a sudden I was complaining of not being able to breathe, my eyes were closing also.  I was put a ventalitor for approx 4 days, xrays done, then rushed into emergency surgery.  In the OR they found a hole in my colon that was covered up by scar tissue.  They took out that portion of the colon out, gave me a temp ilescompty. The whole in my colon was the reason why I felt my throat and eyes swelling up.  The surgeron feels that the hole had been there for awhile.  Some of you know that I had alot of UTIs and had a stent in my right urterer.  The dr believes that is the reason why I had alot of UTIs


I do feel alot better since the surgery.  Not 100 percent.  Little by little I will get there.


I am glad I am not wearing diapers like I was.  Glad I have my bag back.



Merry Christmas everyone

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Always nice to hear good news like this.  Sounds like a great present to me.

Have a great holiday,


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I am so glad that you were already in the hospital when your breathing problems started.  It sounds like it was a scary few days, but how woderful that they found out the reason, took care of it, and now you can rest and recover.

Keep up with those clear scans. And keep visiting us. the more the merrier (and we are quite merry, considering the reason we are here). 

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The funny thing about this journey is that once you overcome a huge problem, the problems after are so much more acceptable.

Happy Holidays!


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and thanks for the update!  It sounds like things are going in the right direction.  I hope the new year brings with it even more improvement for you.

Big hugs coming your way~AA

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