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stage IV--anyone out there?

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My younger brother (only 38) was just diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer and he's scheduled to start chemo next week.  I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who is currently being treated for this or has successfully been treated in the past.  I know what the statistics say, but I would love to pass on any survivor stories to him.  Thanks.

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In 2008 (at 40) I was diagnosed Stage III.  I did chemo/radiation, then surgery then a bonus round of chemo.  I had what was called a "complete response" and was deemed cancer free over the next couple of years.  Unfortunately, there was still a cancer cell or two that survived and hid out somewhere.  In 2011 (at 44), I had a recurrence in my left lung (Stage IV).  If you've researched the statistics, you know that's not good and I was given approximately 7-8 months.  I was tested for HER2/NEU and tested HER2+.  I was put on a chemo regimen of Folfox with Herceptin added, due to my HER status.  Surgery and radiation weren't options, which was very deflating at the time.  I'm currently a year and a half past my expiration date and am testing clean every three months (due again in January).  I attribute it to a couple of things.  Foremost is the Herceptin; it can be quite effective for folks who test HER2+.  Secondly, due to my relative youth, I was able to withstand all 12 rounds of Folfox which allowed me to receive the maximum amount of cancer killing juice.  Most folks don't receive 12 rounds b/c Folfox is truly a hard core chemo and the side effects can be severe.  I'm sort of a test case and I'm still receiving Herceptin weekly (2+ years now).


Here's a couple of thoughts for you guys as you start down this road.  First, really consider where you're going for treatment.  This is genuinely life and death stuff.  The local hospital may offer to treat, but that doesn't mean they're very good/experienced at it.  Consider what it would take to go to a center that specializes in EC and see if it might be worth it.  Second, don't focus on the statistics/information you find online.  Most of it is dated, and precious little of it is likely to be directly applicable to your case.  A good oncologist will give you current information that specifically applies to your brother.  Lastly, and most importantly (to me at least), do what works for your brother.  He's going on a very individual journey and different things are going to work best for him than what worked for me, or anyone else.  Respect that he knows what's best for him.


Best wishes on your journey,



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Hello Jah,

I was diagnosed stage III in 2/11.  I had 26 radiation sessions while on 5FU and Cisplatin.  during that treatment it spread to my liver and I was then stage IV.  I then did a second regiment of Chemo (Docetaxel & Irinotecan).  In Oct 2011 I had another Endoscopy and CT scan and both were clear.  I have been NED for more than two years now.  I juice, drink essiac tea and do H2O2 therapy every day.  My doctors recommended surgery to me but I have elected not to do it.  Instead, I eat well, juice, drink essiac tea and do H2O2 therapy every day and pray.

Take care,


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So sorry to hear about ur brother. Too young. I sent u a csn message. Click on csn email. 

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My husband was diagnosed with EC with liver metastases in January 2011.  It has now been 3 years and he is doing fine.  He juices everyday and takes LDN.  He was declined surgery in 2011 but based on his progress he was offered surgery again in April 2012 but he declined as he is able to swallow and has good quality of life.  Stay positive, juice and eat healthy.  Take care

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How much and what combinations of fruits and vegetables does your husband juice?  Appreciate any info you can share. Glad to hear he's doing wwell!

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There is no amount although he does get approximately 2 large glasses daily. The key is to use fruits and vegetables that alkaline your body ( cancer will not grow in an alkaline body, even though the medical profession disagree ) My main ingredients are beets , green apple , red apple, carrots and fresh berries. Then I add anything else orange, brocolli,ginger root, cucumbers, kiwi,tomato, pineapple, celery and whatever else I have available.  I normally juice approximately 12-15 fruits and vegetables daily. He also takes vitamin C by mouth and when he was first diagnosed in 2011 we saw a Naturopathic Doctor who did high dose vitamin C IV for approximately 1 year.

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