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Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

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HI Everyone,

I have been lurking for sevral months now and not posting nearly as often as I should have.. sorry..

This year has shown me no change in my cancer I while that is not bad it is not the progress I was hoping for and it saddens me.. I just had my 3 year anniversay of my Dx.

We have seen so many of friend move on this year and that has saddened me emensely.

I have been in the hospital twice since October for infections that my immune system could not fight.. that scared me alot.. but I am getting stronger everday. Scared because if I hadn't had sudden fever spikes I wouldn't have known I was infected.. and when I say sudden in a matter of  minutes while in the cancer center waiting from I went from 98.4 to 103. Well the message here is know your normal and stay vigelent to yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Stay Well, and be good to eachother..




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I'm sorry to hear about you struggles Donna but it is good to hear from you. You are such a sweet person and I have missed your comments.

Merry Christmas

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Sorry that you've been on a rough road again. 

Please don't apologize. We all know how hard it can be to post, when we're not doing well. We're just glad that youv'e posted now so that we can send along those prayers, good vibes, best wishes or whatever our ilk leads us. 

I hope you have a super, calm holiday season.

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Nice to hear from you, Donna.  Have missed your posts.  2013 has been a rough year for so many.....

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


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Looks like nobody can have it easy in these circles. But this is life. Should be thankful that we are still here and remember those that are gone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.



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HI, Donna. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too. And a jolly Festivus to everyone, all around.

Congrats on hitting the three year mark; makes you one year ahead of the stage IV average! Woo hoo!

All the best to you for 2014.  See you around on the board - hope you can keep on having fun! Cool



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Thank you for your past support. I want you to know that I truly appreciate you and others on this site. 

Remenber the reason for the season. That is all about hope, peace, love. I truly hope 2014 brings good news for you. I pray it is filled with love and lots of blessings from above.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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HI Donna,


We are sorry for your difficult time. The Big C is a fight.  Our balance between healthy and infection is a balancing act. We are sending our thoughts and prayers for healing.  


We do miss your positive out look and need your voice here again.


Best Always,  mike

PS  Merry Chrstmas, and Happy New Year!

Cathleen Mary
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Donna,  I was missing you and happy to see your post though not happy to hear of your difficulties. This disease is insidious. My hope and prayer that your recovery will continue and you will feel better. 

It has been a time of loss and I can understand your 'lurking without posting'.  Just know you are missed.


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Thank you all for you kind word, prayers and wishes... and Love.... I love you all...

I have been having issues with just that LOVE... cancer has made me redefine this word.. I have so much love and so many people I encounter seem to think cancer is catchy... so i am fighting a bout of depression caused by loneliness...  I am feeling very issolated like I am on an island with just a hospital of dr, nurses and other sick people lately.. I work from home so I don't actually ever have any reason to leave my appartment except to shop and go for treatment these days.. I have become afraid to go into the office as I get sick there every time I attempt a visit.. and even social events I have become afraid to attend because of germs I may not be able to fight off.. this is hard to accept as otherwise I am feeling ok and maybe better than I have in in a very long time.. but the fear of getting sick is deep and all the dr's tell me is "it is understandable" Well I am struggling to find a life still the same... and now with the bad weather coming and the season i am drowning in my own pitty.. I am trying to fight it.. but there isn't enough Vitamin D to make me feel better in the whole US..

So, Thanks for keeping the light on here...

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