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Where do I start - Time for updates

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I know, I will start with how much you mean to me and how much I missed you.

This season to me is above all about slowing down, reflecting upon one's life and

giving thanks. And who to come first to mind?? No one other but my Kindreds as

our lovely Chen used to call us. For a while I was so shook up, didn't think I could

take another loss, we had a very rough year. I am looking at my adress book and

my heart is breaking as I see some of the names. But the imprint they left on my

heart will always be with me. So I decided to be brave again and here I am. 

Just mailed out another chemo kit yesterday. I can't let my new sisters down.


So how is everyone? My biggest news, I am now a married person..... THERE top that (:

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Soo good to hear from and what exciting news. A newly married gal.  Good for you. 

I am always reflective at this time of year and give thought to those we have lost.  Too many and too soon but I try to focus on what joy they brought to us and how very special they all were.  I also feel happy at how many are NED and how many of our stage IV are still with us.  I think that what I have come to realize is that we all eventually leave this earth and for me it matters more what I am doing with my life and what kind of an impact I can make than when I will actually die.  I have had several cancers, am a diabetic, and have some other health concerns so there are many ways I might make my exit and I have no idea when that might be.  So I try not to worry about tests, check ups and such.  I do them with the hope that they will be good and the knowledge that they might not be and I don't worry in advance.  I figure I will have time to worry when I am told there is something to worry about.  It works for me, but I know that it doesn't work for others.  Mostly I just plod along, loving my family and friends, trying to be a good perosn.  At the end of each year, I evaluate how I am, emotionally, physcially and spiritually.  I find that most years my ups outweigh my downs, my good outweighs my bad, my happy outweighs my sad, my hopes out weigh my fears, and that I am more kind than not.  

I feel very lucky to have such kind and caring friends here and I wish all of you the joy of the season and hope that the new year will be brighter, healthier and happier for each of us.

So love to all my kindreds, those here and those that have left us.



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Your biggest news is a very good starting point. Congratulations on being "a married person" ! (I can't touch that. HAHAHAHEEE)

Again Congrats.

(((HUGS))) Robert

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Bella Luna
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It has been bitter-sweet.  The dear Pinks who have moved on have left their inprint in our hearts.  We were blessed to have known them for a spell. 

Congratulations on your Nuptials!  So happy for you both!  I remember the ER story you told some years ago.  It was fate, no doubt about it!  Cheers!

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Bella Luna
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Double Whammy
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Such wonderful news, Ayse.  Congratulations.

I, too, miss our kindreds  and their wise words of wisdom.   May we never ever forget them.


New Flower
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Congratulations! Is  groom your fiance or another man? sorry I have to ask a personal question.

It is hard to go through phone book or old messages. I am still talking to our pink angels from time to time.

They are left mark and staying with us forever.


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Becoming a "married person" is one of the best things that can happen! You are so right when you say that those who have passed on have left an imprint on our hearts. They will continue to be with us as they watch over all of us.



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I am so happy for you. Ayse, so many changes in what seems like such a short time. I guess moving to CT and all the changes in your life was your journey, and what you went through just led you down a new path. I am so happy for you.
There are times when I have a hard time coming on because I am afraid there will be another loss, then I have to tell myself it is all part of my journey. The friendds, the losses, and all the sh** in between. Then I look at all the amazing people I have met, and feel so blessed along with all the other not so great emotions.
I am so happy for you and so glad to know you.
.Congratulations and hugs to you both,

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Well, that's really big news indeed!

So glad to hear from you and happy about your marriage. 



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Aysemari, wonderful to hear from you and CONGRATULATIONS on getting married.  Was this the same wonderful man you met in New York that I think was latin American?   I recall reading a wonderfully detailed account of the first meeting and dinner date, dancing .... and so on.  


It has been rather sad that we have lost so many sisters in pink and I am very happy that you are still with us!

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congratulations and best wishes! so, details!


big hugs




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Different Ballgame
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I had to come to this site to find out that you are married.  I haven't been on this site for many months and today is my first day back.  I am so excited about your BIGGEST NEWS.  Exactly when did you get married?  Many of the girls are asking you questions about your hubby...questions that I also would like to know the answers.  Hope you fill us in on all details. CONGRATULATIONS.  A toast...Here's to a long, happy, healthy life in your marriage. 

I feel honored that I have known the kindred spirits before they were taken.  Their words of knowledge, support, kindness, and humor will always be with me.

Lots of Love,







RE's picture
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Well now how about that, you done tied the knott....CONGRATULATIONS....super happy for you and he is a lucky guy!  I too cannot top that but I am still here and I still love my kindreds and miss the one who have gone on before us!  Hugs to you all!

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Congratulations to the Mr. and the Mrs. So very happy for you Ayse!!!

Posts: 6587
Joined: Oct 2010

Congrats....GOOD to hear from you..


Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Very Happy to have you back. You're missed. Like you I miss those who have left us. Just lost one and I hadn't been with internet when that happened. Computer was down over a month with a problem with the provider.I worried that there might be a loss and there was. Very upsetting when we take a break or like me have internet problems always something happens. 


Glad your back and very happy you're a married woman now.Congratulations!!!!!!


Lynn Smith

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Wonderful, wonderful news!!!  Felicitations!!!!

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