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Any thoughts on the subject

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Well I went thru the deal in January 09  All the chemo and rads.  Seems like every January my mammagram never is an in an out. Have markers they are always watching.  Was on Tamoxofin for about 4 years then changed to arimidex for 4 months, don't like that bones really ache in Hands and feet.  My oncologist changed my script for exemestaone.  Not sure what its short for, Anyhow I have two refills to try of that if I don't like it.  I am done taking any of these medications, I just want to feel normal.  I just recently last week had a totaly hysterectomy with everything removed so I feel I have the ovarian and Uterine cancers done with. Has oneyone else felt this way, and quite the meds?  Back to the mammagram table in January:(

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Double Whammy
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but then I have a talk with myself and tell myself that the benefits outweigh the risks, and then I feel like there's nothing to worry about anyway.  And then I remind myself I wasn't worried 4 years ago when I went in for my well woman exam and discovered I had both breast and uterine cancers.  I wasn't worried when I had biopsies , either.  Just didn't think it would happen to me.  In my little mind I reason this way - I grew two primary cancers once, I can probably grow another one even if I don't have a recurrence of either.   Both of my cancers were estrogen positive, so I'll take my drugs. but I'm not totally sure yet whether I'll take them for 10 years.  Sort of hoping they'll have more data by the time I get to 5 years (now at 3).

BTW, I was on arimidex and was tolerating it fine.  I was postmenopausal and I also had hysterectomy, BSO, and lymph node removed because of the uterine cancer.  My onc switched me to Tamoxifen about a year ago to see if arimidex contributed to my lack of hair (It never all came back).  I noticed I had less joint pain (it wasn't bad anyway) than when I was on arimidex so because of that and the fact that I'm borderline osteoporotic (unlike arimidex, tamoxifen is good for bones), we decided to stay on Tamoxifen.  Tamoxifen does the same thing in post menopausal women as it does in premenopausal women, it binds to any estrogen receptor cells and blocks any estrogen from feeding them.   Arimidex doesn't help premenopausal women because it doesn't do that and it does nothing to keep ovaries from producing estrogen so if you're premenopausal you're still making estrogen.  Aromotase inhibitors block the production of aromatase which converts estradiol stored in primarily fat cells to feed any breast cancer cells.  So you have no ovaries - no more estrogen being produced by them to keep away from any breast cancer cells; and now you're on an aromotase inhibitor so no estrogen there either and it's a good thing.  But wait - neither one works 100% of the time (women still have recurrences on either, just considerbly fewer women have a recurrence), and both are sort of a moot point if you don't have any estrogen receptor positive cancer cells for them to starve out in the first place.  Like your daughter, I like to think I don't have any cells anywhere, but I'll continue with my Tamoxifen just in case and revisit this in 2 more years. 

 I totally understand your feelings of just being sick and tired of it all - and I know women who have refused hormone therapy and are doing fine.  I had my breast MRI Tuesday - all was well, but I was still a basket case until I got the results! 


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Thanks for the reply, thoughts, and information "brush up"  Best to you in the coming year:)

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I was on tamoxifen only and after abaout 3 yrs total hysterctomy (due to enlarged uterus from mes) I have been off it now since Aug of this year.



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Different Ballgame
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Took Arimidex for 5 months.  Went off it because of bad side effects (feet pain, knee pain, neuropathy in hands, out of control rash on front torso.)  Stayed off Arixmedix for 2 months, then took Anastrozole which is a generic of Arimidex.  Within 1 month developed side effects.  Oncologist took me off and put me on Femara.  Two weeks after being on Femara side effects developed.  She took me off and wanted me to go on Tamoxifen.  I said, "No way."  I told her that I wanted to continue to see her and be watched as though I was still on those drugs.  She said, "Fine."

I am watched closely by all my doctors and so far, so good.

What I also do, I see an acupuncturist to keep my body in sync with my ying and yang.

Lots of Hugs,



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