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afp rise

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hi just a quick question
in July 2012 i was diagnosed with tc and and afp of 444000
after 16 weeksof chemo and one major op i was told NED
it reoccured in april afp Of 1200
one chest lymph node and one spot of my psoas muscle
after tip and a chest op again i was giveln ned afp 14

however my afp started to rise so i had a month of radiotherapy finishing early nov
my latest pet scan in dec picked up nothing but my afp had
gone to 65
four days later it was 63
has any one else seen bumps like this in afp and not be cancer

ive been told not to worry and next pet scan march

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Hi , sorry no one replied to you till now.I joined today this forum.Hope you're doing okay now.

 I was diagnosed with Stage IIB last year July. My AFP was 1200 and came down to 81 just before the start of chemo treatment.And came below 5 after the 1 round of chemo.But still had to go through 3#BEP and 1#EP chemo regimen.

I'm sorry, but I do not know about how the prognosis will be in your case. But yes,I've read many of them diagnosed with Stage 4 T.C and living still strong after 10 years...


How did the PET scan go? Everything is fine,right?


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