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Update elevated WBC

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Hi, I just got a call from the doctor, he said I'm at 12 again. He said because of your Dad we can send you to a hematologist. That's an option. I said to him could it be from stress he said no not in a chronic form. I said im not sick I don't have any infection going on. He said yeah you are fine so we can send you to a hematologist and see what they say. We could also continue monitoring it or just send you over and have themlook at it. Not sure if I should feel concerned or not. 

Doc had said it'll probably be couple months before an appt.. Just looked at mychart online and they've scheduled one for jan 15th for 60 mins with hematology oncology provider..

Just was able to view results online WBC is 12.2

Neutrophils are also high...

Abs Neutrophil
1.8 - 7.0 K/ul
6.93 16.22 8.35 8.17 9.35 8.37 9.30  
33 - 73 %
76 87 77 74 75 74 76  

 Anyone else had similar blood work before diagnosis? Any idea what else it could be?

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Unless the immature forms of these neutrophils are elevated.  The way "normal" lab numbers are calculated, they take a number of
"normal" people, then pattern their results on  a bell shaped curve.  Arbitrarily, both upper and lower limits are then set at the 85th centile.  So 15% of these normal people fall outside the limits.  Just by a little bit, as you have.  Time will tell, but your lab doesn't predict you have a problem.  Wishing you the best.

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Hi, the doctor mentioned something about the immature cells and it was not elevated. Doctor said stress could cause it too, lost my wonderful Dad from DLBC non hodgkins within 13 months after diagnosis, had sct as well... I appreciate your input, it reinforces what the doctor said. They drew blood she said they'll be looking for CML, chronic myeloid leukemia, but she said to not worry...

Regards... Wishing you continued health...

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