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Been here two days.  The weather has been kind to us, even sunny.  I love this city.  Traveling North to family soon then back to London for a few more days to theatre etc. over New Year.    Seeing  Swan Lake and Jersey Boys.  Sadly father-in-law will be in hospital for two days and is very upset as looking forward to our visit but it can't be helped.  On my return I am getting polyps removed and starting treatment fir jaw bone disease, ah well back to reality.........



New Flower
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I am jealous I wish to be in London too

happy holidays to you and your family 

keep us posted about your treatments. good luck with your upcoming ssurgery hugs 

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Hope you have a great vacation!  Have some mince pies and fruit cake for me, oh and don't forget the hobnobs too along with 8 cups a tea a day!!  Hope your father-in-law will be alright and you too for your up coming treatments.  Where in the north if your family?  Our family is in Carlisle, we were just there in June. 

Happy Holidays to you!!


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Do enjoy your vacation - Keeping your father in law in good thoughts and prayers.

Do post an update - when time permitting, Roz.


Vicki Sam

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