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New urine test for PCa

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I found this on the PCF site.  It looks interesting..



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Hi Jimmy

Thanks for bringing the news to the forum.
For those who like to read more, the UM have a paper with details of MiPS (test) in this link; http://www.mlabs.umich.edu/files/pdfs/MiPS_FAQ.pdf

It seems that MiPS is most about the Calculator of the risks one has to be positive for PCa, not a new test as many may think of it. The markers used for prediction have been around for quite a long time already. Here is a link to the initial urine test;

Pca3 and RNA strands got particular attention recently due to the requisites of Active Surveillance. Dr Thompson et al managed to put these markers into a practical and easy way of use. His predictive tables are presented in his video where he explains how to use the Prostate Cancer Risks Calculator (http://deb.uthscsa.edu/URORiskCalc/Pages/uroriskcalc.jsp)

Your “visits” are seldom but always bring about interesting themes of discussion. I recall a thread when we all discussed about these tests (http://csn.cancer.org/node/201399#comment-1021830).

We have missed you for long. How about your progress, how are you faring?

Happy Holiday season.

VGama  Wink


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VGama:  Doing well with no serious side effects.  My treatment was CK in 07/2010.  Psa at that time was 8.6.  First psa 5 months after treatment dropped to 2.9 and has continued to drop to 0.91 in 07/2013.  I experianced a one time "bounce" from 1.7  to  2.3  in 2011.  Age is 74 My next psa test will be in January............................................................................................Jimmy/Cleveland

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Congrats & thanks!

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walt bock
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Did discovery of cancer via urine test lead to anything else that reduced bone cancer?

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