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Pathology Report on Arnold

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Well today was the day to make the trek to Hamilton to see my superstar surgeon for the pathology results on Arnold

Size: 13 cm X 10 cm X 9 cm.....apparently Arnold was on steroids! lol

T3a (or T2 - see explanation further down in my message - nothing is every straight forward in this life of mine!)



Renal Cell Carcnoma - clear cell.

They got it all and I am now cancer free.

I go for bloodwork after Christmas - to make sure my other kidney is functioning properly

Then in 3 months go for a CT scan.

I am very happy....but....initially today he said Stage 2. Then he gave me 2 documents to give his assistant and it said T3a on everything. I was so flustered that I left my coat and umbrella in the examining room!! By the time I got home I thought I should call to clarify,  but of course they are now closed til Monday - I willl call again.

Regardless....T2 or T3a....Arnold is gone and my body is loving the peace and quiet!

I think it is time to celebrate!



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YEAH~ Arnold and his nasty self if gone gone gone!

He was a big one eh?

You left your coat and umbrella in the exam room? Where do you live its Winter here? LOL


Does this ease your mind or confuse you more?


Continue good healing and wellness~


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Hi Jan,

I would love to say I live in sunny California, with its sunshine and beaches and palm trees. I live in Ontario Canada. And although we have had a ton of snow, it has been raining today....threatening to turn to freezing rain. I hate that. At least the snow is pretty!


My mind is not quite eased. It was more eased before today. But what can I do? I hope to find out more on Monday.

Still, I won't miss a chance to celebrate!




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jojo ar least now you can try to enjoy christmas and relax to take everything that has happened to you in.....getting the pathology is another step we all had to take and i suppose its one step at a time x

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Hi Jojo, 

That sounds like a good result! did they not include the Furhman Grade in your report though? I remember it feeling rather surreal seeing the confirmation in black and white! It was difficult to relate to!...  The worst is over now so I hope you get a chance to celebrate and relax this weekend!


Djinnie x

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maybe the report says grade 2, not stage 2? The T3a could be based on the size of the tumor as well as proximity to renal veins.

am basing this on my husband's staging as T3(a); he had grade 2, 10 cm mass and since he had met to spine at time of dx, we thought it a good report.


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because it could have been much worse. Now enjoy the holidays. Plenty of time before the next scan. Live free. A good pathology/surgical report is important. Now the follow up scans become the focus. The fun never ends. You will do well.

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Gulp..dare I say it..??  Yes, size does matter..   Hope your Arnold is not prolific. and all signs of him are gone forever..!


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I feel better. I know it was a very good report...just having the unanswered questions bothers me.

But, hey! We celebrated last night. That makes it official, doesn't it?

And thank you Ron....it takes a "big" man to admit that size does matter! LOL.

So now off to wrap gifts, fight crowds for groceries and prepare for the best Christmas ever!




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Wow, Arnold was huge!  So happy he's finally been evicted.  Now, if only you can get some clarity on the stage/grade, come Monday.  Till then, try not to think about it.  Sounds like you've got plenty going on, preparing for the best Christmas ever, so, hopefully you'll be too busy to give it much thought. 

Let us know what you find out.

Merry Christmas, Jojo!!


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Merry Christmas, to you too, Sindy. I wish you peace of mind on December 26th and onward. Enjoy your 10 precious days with your family.



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With the mix up of the report on December 20th, I am happy to say that I finally have a copy of my path report - it only took a month to get! (I got a verbal report but the doctor gave me mixed information so my Nurse Navigator pursued getting a copy)

T3a, N0, M0, Grade 2, tumor was invading the sinus area. The kidney and the tumor combined was a whopping 26 cm. I can't believe I only have a 5 or 6 inch incision.

Not bad....nice to know the facts. There was also a large blood clot loosely attached....that's probably normal in this situation?? Not sure.

I have been back to work 3 mornings a week for 2 weeks and am EXHAUSTED. This week I have cloistered myself away to be able to manage. Is this normal (as normal as anything gets in this crazy gal's life!)





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I'm glad you got all the information finally . Arnold was quite a bruiser .

I know what you mean about exhaustion Jojo . I think you are much stronger than I am . I could never have gone back to work in as short a time as you have . Even on a limited basis .You are obviously very tough . That Sarah Conner thing again . Strength will return in time . Just don't push yourself too hard .

Best wishes ,


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yiu will be amazed how much better you start feeling every day, but don't overdo it.

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