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Question on lung cancer recovery

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My Dad had heart valve replacemnt surgery in January and they found the cancer behind his heart he has been through the radiation and chemo, they said the cancer was stage 3 but they treated him for stage 4.  His cancer is stable and not growing, but he is very week.  He holds his head in his hands a lot, he says it relieves the pressure from his back and neck.  Is this long recovery normal?

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After three years I still get tired easily but mos5ly I do veery well.  Your dad should discuss physical therapy to strengthen those neck muscles. 

The vertebrae can be weakened very easily by the chemo and radiation.  He may need a bone scan to make sure. 

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That's right it take too long better always meet with your doctor. The case of your dad was the same with my dad but he is being monitored that's why he didn't suffer that much. His attending doctor was from Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute in India which was referred by PlacidWay a medical tourism company who helped us find this hospital. It is important that he is being monitored GOODLUCK and hope your father will be okay.

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